Top 3 Digital MOBI Thermometers to Ease Back-To-School Concerns over Covid-19, now at Albertsons

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Acquiring a high-quality, affordable MOBI digital health thermometer for student temperature checks is easier than ever, and is now available at Albertson, Acme, and Shaws.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) September 7th, 2021

For much of 2020, good digital health thermometers were hard to find because they were in such high demand. Now, three top-rated and budget-friendly models from MOBI are in stock and ready to purchase at your local store and online, including Albertson, Acme and Shaws.

Some school districts may not bother with temperature checks and other COVID-19 safety measures this fall or may perform them inconsistently or inaccurately, but parents can vigilantly keep track of their children’s health and watch for one of the earliest signs of coronavirus infection and many other bacterial and viral conditions by checking their child’s body temperature every day.

To do that, parents must have one or more digital health thermometers they can trust. The most affordable option is an oral thermometer, but some parents may prefer the convenience and speed of an ear, forehead or non-contact thermometer.

Available for just a few dollars, the FDA-certified MOBI Oral Digital Thermometer with Protective Cover offers accurate, reliable readings in about 30 seconds for adults, children and even infants.

For faster readings when everyone’s in a hurry and without the need for probe covers, the MOBI DualScan Ultra Pulse Ear & Forehead Digital Heath Thermometer provides voice readout in three languages and assesses heart rate too. Check with this thermometer using the doctor-recommended in-ear method or the convenient forehead method. The device also features a flashlight for checks in a darkened room, fever indicator, backlit screen, memory recall of 30 readings and provides results in one second.

Get accurate readings with no touch using the MOBI Digital Non-Contact Thermometer, the intrusion-free choice for one-second readings from up to 2 inches away, so spreading germs with the device is impossible. It even takes body temperature readings without waking sleeping patients and check baby’s food and milk temperature and provide a room temperature reading.

“MOBI offers you choices in digital thermometers – from the amazingly affordable Oral Digital Thermometer to the feature-rich, quick and proven DualScan Ultra Pulse or Digital Non-Contact models. And you have choices on where to buy them since our top retailers are stocked up and ready to meet the demand,” said MOBI CEO David Naghi.

“Last year, it was hard to find a thermometer you could trust because of short supplies, and inferior pandemic-era devices from questionable brands flooding the market at others. Today, you can easily find trusted MOBI products, so there’s no need to take a risk with any other brand.”

Find these three MOBI thermometers at Albertsons stores, including Acme and Shaws. When you need to know, you need the accuracy of MOBI digital thermometers.

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MOBI is a Los Angeles company with almost 20 years of experience offering American consumers things they need and love. Focused on nursery, senior and family health and safety, MOBI offers digital health thermometers, blood pressure monitors, video baby monitors, the MOBI Support Monitoring System for seniors and more. Stay safe, well and well-informed with MOBI products.

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