Top 5 Blockchain Business Opportunities to Skyrocket Your Revenue.

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India, TamilNadu, Chennai (PRUnderground) March 21st, 2022

Do you remember dial-up internet? Those F.R.I.E.N.D.S series characters that signified your intent to surf the World Wide Web?

Nearly 20 years later, we have come a long way from those initial forays. Today almost 9 in 10 people around the world use the internet; likewise, in our ever-expanding economy, blockchain is not an out-of-reach idea. Blockchain, the most captivating technology which acts as a game-changer for the global economy.

The mainstream adoption of blockchain technology is not too far. Even some tech wizards predicted that it would be as groundbreaking as the mass adoption of the internet. Just like the internet elevated how we share information, blockchain has the potential to revolutionize how we transfer ownership, transfer value, and verify transactions.

As Salman parcy, Head of Global Business Development. He has been an advocate of blockchain technology and other emerging technologies since 2018. His approach to the tech was quite promising.

He explains “ The potential of blockchain is moving beyond what we think and so it is worth paying attention to. I strongly believe that blockchain will change the world as the internet did. The internet has many strengths and one main thing is transferring of information. On the other side, it also has some weaknesses like one cannot transfer value over the internet. It still needs a pillar of trusts like banks, governments, and companies to transfer the value. 

Herewith blockchain technology the law is translated into codes and executed simultaneously. This is so wonderful and convincing. I see that there is no way but blockchain as a wholesome solution. We will see the Distributed Ledger Technology thrive! “

Currently, blockchain is being piloted across many sectors, spanning from financial to real estate to manufacturing. Almost all the sectors are beginning to experiment with the potential of blockchain technology.

As businesses seek efficiency and better ways of serving customers, blockchain technology can be a helpful way to conduct transactions and even increase capital. Any business can incorporate blockchain from giant companies to startups. This means the cost of deploying blockchain into a small business operation is less than you think.

Having said that, now let me share with you a few business opportunities with blockchain.

Reduce Cost:

Blockchain systems can effectively automate business processes and bring down costs. The reliable characteristics of blockchain, such as transparency, robustness, and immutable data structure, can help industries reduce the burden involved with making and recording transactions.

If the unwieldy, centralized system is replaced with a streamlined, distributed blockchain system, the need for a middle man will be eliminated, eventually reducing the cost of spending on them.

Enhancing Security:

Since blockchains are encrypted by design, they are more secure than any other file storage system, and no one can have central control over the database. Once the data is stored, it cannot be accidentally deleted, and it won’t be accessible to people who are not authorized.

This means that if your business handles sensitive information or data, you are obliged to store it securely for the longest period.

Verify Ownership & Provide Universal Identity

In the internet era, people use to copy a picture and distribute it to millions of people just with a single click. Tracking property rights, ownership, and various other things has become a nightmare.

But decentralized systems give users complete control over their digital data, eliminating the need for third parties. Simply put, without the user’s consent, no data can be shared. Thus it offers an excellent technology for building transparent and reliable data management systems.

Accept universal form of currency:

The mass adoption of blockchain technology might result in accepting a single currency.  A universal form of currency can be created upon the bedrock of blockchain. However, they are not used as much as dollars or euros, but many private and public sectors have started to embrace it from the impact.

The universal adoption of a single currency will significantly boost the global economy and benefit various sectors. Eventually, your business will be able to perform seamless transactions globally without worrying about liquidity.
Use For The Capital Raise:

Blockchain offers an opportunity for business owners to raise capital through crowdfunding. Funds can be raised against equity or a revenue share in a typical company. Interested people can buy the new blockchain-based tokens from the company. These tokens have a utility purpose that can be used against the product or service of the company.

Any capitalist who understands the potential of blockchain technology are likely to consider buying from a business that harnesses this technology. So entrepreneurs can take their business to the next level along with speed and security.

So what’s next?
If you want to upgrade your existing business by harnessing the potential of blockchain or want to start a new venture? I recommend you to collaborate with the best enterprise blockchain development company or consult a blockchain expert who can help you solve the hidden challenges and barriers.

Perhaps, like the internet, blockchain technology will be a commonplace technology ten years from now, and we will probably look ahead to the next groundbreaking innovation.

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