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Top Rated SEO Expert Chad Lieberman Teaches Why Do You Need Backlinks?

Industry: SEO

Chad Ian Lieberman is an Organic Search expert whose company, 6W Search Engine Optimization, offers comprehensive digital marketing services.

New York, New York (PRUnderground) January 13th, 2015

One of New York’s top 100 SEO companies today released a free training post on website backlinks and reasons why a website owner needs them. 6WSEO released this training as part of its campaign series to educate website owners on SEO and creation of a long lasting online presence.

Releasing the training, which is accessible via its blog at no cost, Chad Lieberman, the company’s lead SEO consultant, explained that this particular post aimed at demystifying backlinks and explaining how to use them properly for SEO mileage.

“People have been misled a lot about website backlinks that add value to their websites. A majority of ‘SEO companies’ sell spammy backlinks to website owners with the false promise of almost instant rankings for their websites. We want our readers to understand that the best backlinks are those you get by communicating with the other webmaster on to whose website you want a backlink”, said Chad.

“Imagine this; if you can get a free backlink from a certain website without ever talking to the website owner or Webmaster, how many other websites do you think have done the same? That is how generation of spammy backlinks happens because some of those websites will be malicious. You will keep wondering why you never get good rankings even after spending so much on backlinks,” explained Chad.

This training post on the 6WSEO’s blog explains what backlinks are, why you need them, how to get them correctly as well as how to ensure that you get the best results from a backlinking-focused SEO campaign. Basically, it guides website owners on how to set up a successful backlinking campaign and how to implement it so that they can get the desired top rankings results on the search engine results pages.

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Based in New York, 6WSEO.com is a leading and well-respected Search Engine Optimization agency. It has grown to be an authority in the search engine related matters with its reputation being on the quick and high rankings it helps its clients achieve. The company uses state-of-the-art research, SEO technologies and software. It works with the small, mid-sized and big business entities, which seek to get better online visibility. Its SEO packages are custom-made for each client to match specific business needs. Among its services are On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, keyword research and free SEO training.  Learn more at https://www.6wseo.com

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6W Search Engine Optimization is a full-service digital marketing agency maintaining practice areas in organic search engine marketing, technology SEO, corporate online communications.

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