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The Zwuits Men’s Leather Bag is a Hyper-Modern Take on the Traditional Design That Offers You Both Style and Function!

New York, NY (PRUnderground) November 30th, 2019

Zwuits is a New-York based startup that has launched its eco-friendly and waterproof leather bags for men on Kickstarter and it is fully funded within 3 days. The campaign still has 33 days to go.

The messenger bag is a man’s best friend, especially if your work requires you to always carry your devices around. While there are plenty of options, the Zwuits men’s leather bag can carry your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and more other items wherever you go in style.

We are extremely excited about the launch of our brand-new chemical-free vegetable- tanned leather bags. Even in modern times, we men cant imagine walking out of our homes every morning with just our phones, especially if our jobs require us to be in contact with our colleagues or employees. This need means that we are always carrying around our laptops, tablets, or phones even when we are not at work. The premium quality bags we are introducing have been exclusively designed for men. These bags are waterproof, functional, stylish, and most importantly, masculine.” – Habib Ferdous, Founder.

Zwuits Inc. was founded by a Bangladeshi American entrepreneur Habib Ferdous. Growing up, Habib learned about the prospering leather industry and observed the problems very closely. He met with Md Khayruzzaman back in 2000, and they shared a dream to do something better for the working class individuals of Bangladesh. Eighteen years later, he met with Ruhul Amin, a friend of Khayruzzaman, and together they started Zwuits Inc. Since its inception, the brand has been focused on delivering high-quality products. The socially responsible company sources its leather organically for the production of its new line-up of leather bags for men.

We use only the best full-grain leather possible. Offering guaranteed longevity. All products are oil-finished to further extend their life. Our bags have been designed to be user-friendly. Each of the items weve designed is diverse and made with the customer’s needs in mind. Apart from having a seamless, versatile design thats sturdy and functional, the Zwuits leather bag is also waterproof and seriously stylish. In other words, the Zwuits leather bag tells others youre going places.”

The company boasts of taking ethical practices and quality control very seriously. All of the premium full-grain hides come from animals slaughtered strictly for human consumption. The company is on a mission to drastically improve product manufacturing standards along with workplace happiness. The founders of the company are also dedicated to removing all hazardous chemicals and animal cruelty from their leather goods and create an environment where people, and family comes first.

At the heart of Zwuits is a promise to be responsible for the world and its people. Understanding that animal leather is often sourced with cruelty and waste, we have consciously decided to source all our raw materials in the most organic way possible. This is why we began our journey with one thing in mind: to offer high-quality goods that are also affordable. While most chrome oil-tanned leather is produced with highly toxic chemicals that cause allergic and asthmatic reactions and other illnesses, Zwuits Inc., has adopted a process thats chemical-free. The vegetable tanning method we use is safe for those that use our products as well as those who make them.”

What makes Zwuits leather bags different is that it’s made from ethically sourced leather and uses a classic tanning method that is safe for the environment and the users. In this way, the company plans on being socially responsible and making a contribution to the community and the environment. The brand is offering discounts for early adopters.

About the Company:

Zwuits Inc. has been founded by serial entrepreneur Habib Ferdous and his friends, Ruhul and Khayruzzaman. The products are manufactured in Bangladesh and use an environmentally friendly method of tanning that makes the leather safe and long-lasting. Zwuits offers full-grain/top-grain leather goods that are reasonably priced, organically sourced and waterproof.

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Zwuits is offering an opportunity to earn cashback from sales for affiliates, the program can be found here:

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