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Salisbury, MD (PRUnderground) January 23rd, 2020

Things to do in Atlantla

Travel Lens, a US based website have seen consistent growth in the number of subscribers and getting positive feedback for its unbiased and detailed opinion. The website has covered all major U.S State for travellers apart from coverring many other countries as well like Japan, UK, Europe, Korea, Australia etc. Since its launch,  Travelers throughout the world have been relying on Travel Lens for their travel planning and day-to-day foreign excursions. Their stunning posts makes them pleasurable to read and sets them apart from other travel guides. Committed to continually publishing new titles and keeping the posts up-to-date with things to do, place of stay, best hotels across the world, the website features more than 100 informative posts with main focus on USA travel.

At over 3.7 million square miles in land area for all 50 states, The United States of America offers an exciting smorgasbord of things to do, holidays to enjoy and places to see. Keep in mind that this is a nation forged from the melting pot of cultures, civilizations and peoples coming in from virtually all continents of the world to achieve their own versions of the American Dream. Travel Lens has worked in this direction to get your adventurous spirit on and enjoy the United States, its people and its places.

One of the main problem with traveller is always to find out best activities, things to do, foods and hotels of the desired destination. Travel Lens posts the same with most exciting activities that modern life has to offer in your preferred location. “Each personal preference will find its perfect match somewhere in rural and urban America. Running out of places to see in the United States is unimaginable! Its millions of square miles of cities, countryside and small towns along with its extremes of natural landscapes from glaciers in Alaska to tropical paradises in Hawaii offer plenty of playing ground for everybody with the wanderlust.” founder and chief editor of said.

“If one is looking for communions with Mother Nature, the country has plenty of national parks like Acadia, Denali, Everglades and Yellowstone. Go horseback riding, ride all-terrain vehicles, hop on a bike, hike through the forest, and just take in the majesty of nature. Or take to the trail via the National Trails System that spans over 50,000 miles and suitable for mountain biking, camping and horseback riding. And we have covered them all” said Helen Chance, one of the editors of Travel Lens.

If your preference is great American road trip, Travel Lens takes cares of this as well. There are things to do lists, where one can enjoy the different flavors of the rural and urban areas of the nation that makes it what it is now – a beckon for travelers in search of something that only they can explain. The ribbons of asphalt roads, country roads and back roads that connect the big cities and small towns traverse virtually every part of the United States.

“We have covered things to do on magnificent natural landscapes from the glaciers of Alaska to the tropical paradise of Hawaii, which are in beautiful contrast with the equally spectacular sights of its modern cities from New York City to Los Angeles. Because, everything about the United States belongs to the best in the world.” She added.

Travel Lens also features exclusive guide for best beaches around. The country has the largest inland waterway among all countries of the world. So, it is then no surprise that Americans are great lovers of oceans, rivers and lakes as well as beaches. One can get fill of sunny beaches in California, Florida and Hawaii. The guide will surely help to be on top of the world at the Outer Banks and take to water sports like a duck to, well, water.

“If you love to travel around the world, you do not have to struck with questions like: “what’s most favourite restaurant in Paris?” or “Which inexpensive hotel should you use in New York?” To cater for this demand with our personal recommendation, Travel Lens posts is a a radical concept that filter information through a local correspondent – the reader’s equivalent of a friend in a destination.” she concluded.

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