Traverse Bay Farms is Included in the Website for Top Salad Ingredients Article

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Nationally award-winning gourmet food company Traverse Bay Farms, winner of 38+ national food awards, is mentioned in website article for Top Salad Ingredients

Bellaire, MI (PRUnderground) November 30th, 2022

Traverse Bay Farms, winner of 38+ national food awards, has been included on the website in an article about top salad ingredients. The article provides excellent insight into how to enjoy a great tasting and healthy salad by adding a selection of top salad ingredients. For example, adding a handful of dried cherries or mixing cherry juice with vinegar makes an excellent addition to any salad.

According to Andy LaPointe, marketing director for Traverse Bay Farms, “We are very excited to be included in an article published on the The site is an excellent source of information and insight.”

Mr. LaPointe continued, “The article included four of our nationally award-winning products. These gourmet food products were our raspberry jalapeno jam, cherry salsa, strawberry poppyseed dressing and cherry barbecue sauce. Our products are full of flavor and taste great with several food pairings including cherry salsa or raspberry jalapeno jam on a salad. For example, we have created simple and great tasting recipes in which mixes a ½ cup of our raspberry jalapeno jam with olive oil, garlic, vinegar and honey for a tasty and spicy raspberry salad dressing.”

Mr. LaPointe continued, “Our 101 Easy Recipes cookbook is a free download from our website and have recipe ideas for every meal of the day using our gourmet food products. This is way a number of celebrity chef, websites including, YouTube influencers enjoy talking about our products. Our products offer a well-balance flavor, natural ingredients and best of all taste great. “

Since the inception of the company 2001, Traverse Bay Farms has focused on “adding value” with every relationship and contact with our customers, potential customers, wholesalers, affiliates and distributors.

The company also offers a complete line of condition-specific, fruit-based supplements including tart cherry capsules.

About Traverse Bay Farms / Fruit Advantage

Winner of 38+ national food awards at America’s largest and most competitive food competitions. Traverse Bay Farms is the #1 award winning super fruit company in America.

Offering an all-natural line of fruit salsa, fruit barbecue, dried fruit including dried cherries, dried blueberries and more. In addition, Traverse Bay Farms offers cherry juice concentrate and teaches about health benefits of cherry juice.

Fruit Advantage is the sister brand an offers a complete line of condition-specific, fruit-based supplements including tart cherry capsules, blueberry capsules, pomegranate capsules. In addition, Fruit Advantage offers a patented formula combining tart cherries with glucosamine and chondriotin. This one-of-a-kind supplement is called Cherry Prime – Complete Muscle and Joint Complex.

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