Tri-State Seminar Meeting Will Focus on Cost-Effective Cyanobacteria Treatment

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Earth Science Laboratories will discuss treating cyanobacteria with ionic copper at joint conference of water experts from Arizona, California and Nevada.

Las Vegas, NV (PRUnderground) July 30th, 2019

Summer is cyanobacteria season, especially in the dry, arid states of the West. As potentially toxic blooms have increased in recent decades, so too has the need for effective treatment. Cost-effective cyanobacteria treatment will be a key topic when water experts from Arizona, California and Nevada meet next month.

The 35th annual Tri-State Seminar convenes in Las Vegas, August 6–8. This year’s event will take place at the height of summer, when cyanobacteria blooms are most frequent. 60 such blooms have been reported in California in the past month alone. Left untreated, these green, slimy blooms can produce toxins that are harmful to animals and humans.

Rapid and cost-effective treatment of cyanobacteria blooms is critical for water treatment plants. This is especially true for plants that draw water from the many artificial reservoirs in the Tri-State Seminar region. These reservoirs are vulnerable to cyanobacteria because they receive high nutrient loads from large rivers such as the Colorado and its tributaries.

Ionic copper is an effective and cost-effective solution according David Hammond, Ph.D. and Senior Scientist at Earth Science Laboratories and a scheduled speaker at the Tri-State Seminar. “Ionic copper stays in solution rather than settling to accumulate in the sediments,” said Hammond. “This is one reason it performs at unprecedentedly low dose rates that have minimal impact on fish and other non-target organisms.”

Hammond is scheduled to present case studies and data at the Tri-State Seminar on an ionic copper algaecide called EarthTec®. The presentation entitled “Smart Water Treatment” will take place on Wednesday, August 7 at 10:40 a.m. More information on the Tri-State Seminar is available at

Earth Science Laboratories Inc. manufactures advanced water treatment products, including EarthTec® Algaecide/Bactericide. EarthTec is NSF Certified to ANSI Standard 60 for use in drinking water. It is EPA registered and approved for use in open waters and pipelines. More information is available at

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Earth Science Laboratories Inc. develops advanced chemistry for diverse industries and applications. ESL’s Agriculture division creates adjuvants, micronutrients, algaecides and fungicides. The Municipal division manufactures EarthTec® and EarthTec® QZ for controlling cyanobacteria and zebra mussels in water treatment plants, reservoirs and lakes. The Recreational division manufactures PristineBlue® pool and spa care products and the high-efficiency Performance Chemicals line.

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