Triton Sensors Launches 3D Sense, a Vape Detector Designed to Fight Teenage Vaping

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As early as August 2006, vapes were marketed and sold in the United States.

Harrisburg, PA (PRUnderground) June 21st, 2022

Triton Sensors, a company dedicated to eliminating the vaping epidemic, announces their flagship product, 3D Sense. The vape detector will help schools, parents, and hospitality establishments hone in on and fight the growing vaping problem.

With this launch, Triton Sensors has a clear mission: to help parents and teachers discover and remove vaping from the lives of young teens. The company was founded to help end the vaping epidemic in schools, and it’s backed by extensive experience in engineering and business acumen.

The Complicated Issue of Vaping

Vapes (or E-cigarettes) are small devices that heat e-liquid from a cartridge to produce a vapor, mimicking the act of smoking a cigarette.

As early as August 2006, vapes were marketed and sold in the United States. They gained notoriety quickly, positioned as the best method to combat cigarette addiction in a safe and manageable way. Vaping was met with instant fans and enthusiastic customers – many people were eager to find an alternative to cigarettes and the many deaths they’d caused over the decades.

Unfortunately, the concept also proved enticing to teens, especially with e-liquids typically sold in fruity flavors. Science now proves that e-cigarettes contain toxic ingredients like formaldehyde, addictive substances like nicotine, and other chemicals that can cause severe lung damage. Stopping the rising popularity of the smoking device has proven tricky, especially among young people.

Triton Sensors wants to help deter teen vaping by making vape detection easy and affordable with 3D Sense.

What is 3D Sense?

3D Sense is a connected Smart Internet of Things device controlled through a convenient cloud dashboard. It detects vaping, or the likelihood of vaping, and automatically sends SMS text messages and email alerts to the principal, nearby teachers, security officers, and anyone else the owner designates. It also allows users to:

  • Manage users and notification recipients

  • See real-time air quality and vape levels

  • Check device status

  • Add security Camera synchronization

The customization options for alerts help create a robust support system for parents and teachers.

How does 3D Sense help to solve the vaping epidemic in schools?

Triton Sensors designed 3D Sense from top to bottom to be accessible to those who need it. For many schools, that means navigating a tight budget with little room for new technologies.

Most vape detection devices come with a hefty price tag, rendering them useless for schools and parents on a budget. 3D Sense is the market’s most affordable vape detection device, costing 1/3 of the price of other vape detectors. On average, schools save about $4,300 if they go with 3D Sense over a competitor. To help the 3D Sense stay affordable, the company welcomes schools to use their unspent ESSER COVID Relief Funds to purchase the detectors, easing cost worries.

“It’s very challenging seeing how nicotine addiction has such a strong grip on young people across the nation. We saw the problem of teenage vaping and the dangerous effect,” states the company. “We decided that there must be something to do about it.” They aim to empower and equip schools to combat teenage vaping at a reasonable price. Schools can also decide on the merits of the 3D Sense with a free demo, lessening the risk involved. This allows faculty to make intelligent decisions with the budget they have available.

The company has big plans for the future, and they all involve helping consumers breathe a little easier. Their product line expansion plans include air quality and environmental monitoring solutions, smart home air purification devices, and other modern solutions to pollutants.

About Triton Sensors

Triton Sensors is a mission-driven company that believes in innovating and enhancing their customers’ experience to provide tools and solutions to help end the vaping epidemic. They saw a need in the market for an accurate and intuitive device at an attainable price for any school. The 3D Sense Vape Detection System has provided an effective and affordable solution to vaping in schools across the globe, and they’re excited to do more in the future.

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