Truck Fleet Owners Can Have Peace Of Mind With Pigtail Plug Safety Shims From ABC Balancing Beads

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ABC Balancing Beads is committed to offering innovative solutions to drivers and fleet owners all over Oregon. They focus on solving problems such as unbalanced tires, oil spills and loose tail lights through their efficient and unique products.

Eugene, OR (PRUnderground) December 7th, 2022

ABC Balancing Beads is committed to providing customers with the best service possible and helping them improve their operations. They have a great reputation for delivering high-quality products to their customers. This has earned them both national and international recognition among vehicle and fleet owners and companies.

Located in Springfield, Oregon, their mission is to bring the greatest value and the world to balance with one of their most popular products: the memory technology balancing beads. Thousands of users can testify how balancing beads have positively impacted their vehicles and maintenance expenses.

Whether a commercial vehicle, Off-Road, Motorcycle, or Antique car, ABC Balancing Beads serves all equally. Truck fleet owners are one of their main clients. These vehicles are known for going through a lot of stress because of the heavy loads they carry and the long trips they run, which is why they need to be in optimal condition at all times. That’s where ABC Balancing Beads can help! They are experts in providing innovative and affordable solutions for small problems that can negatively impact any vehicle’s performance.

Truck delivery fleets rely on the perfect functioning of their vehicles to keep operations running smoothly and optimize expenses. When a truck is presented with an issue on the road, it can cause workers to become less productive and even damage cargo.

ABC Balancing Beads has developed a line of Cargo Safety Shims that help deliver trucks maintain their tail lights firmly in place, improving driver safety and lowering accident risks. These shims are made with precision and care, ensuring an excellent fit for any truck delivery fleet.

These Truck Safety Shims ensure that your tail lights won’t flicker, loosen or fall during a drive. They’re not only popular for their effectiveness but also their easy installation. The process is known for being so simple that you don’t need to be a professional for the installation. The safety shim firmly holds the plug in the receptacle, ensuring tail lights stay on.

ABC Balancing Beads experts state that using pigtail plug safety shims prevent prongs from wearing, making the plugs/receptacles last much longer. They also improve safety ratings and protection by keeping vehicles visible and lowering accident risks. Receptacle safety shims lower liability by keeping trucks visible and safe.

Drivers and fleet owners looking to improve their vehicle safety and performance can contact ABC Balancing Beads for innovative solutions to their everyday concerns. Whether tires need to be balanced, an oil spill needs to be cleaned, or tail lights need to be adjusted, ABC Balancing Beads has the answer. Get in touch with this great team at 518-625-8475 or on their website Special prices are available for wholesale purchases.

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