TruVideo Offers Valuable Advice for Explaining Problems to Service Customers Using its Innovative Sales and Service Platform

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TruVideo, the premier provider of an innovative communication platform designed specifically for auto dealerships, provides insight on using its built-in tools to communicate problems to customers.

Boston, MA (PRUnderground) January 3rd, 2020

Many of today’s motorists believe that finding a mechanic they can trust is all but impossible, and this mindset exists for many reasons. In 2016, a survey conducted by AAA found that 66% of consumers distrusted auto repair shops even though 64% said they had a reliable mechanic on standby to help them with their repair needs. Despite this, a third of all the drivers who responded to the survey said that they had yet to find a service center they could trust.

This is a serious problem for not only consumers, but also for auto service centers and dealerships doing their best to provide quality repairs at an affordable price. TruVideo, headquartered in Wellesley, MA, has created an innovative video and SMS text platform that is designed to allow dealerships to be more transparent, thus increasing trust with their customers and helping them grow their business.

The platform allows auto service technicians to carefully document their customers’ auto issues via video along with a detailed explanation, then send that video over a cellular network privately. Customers can then view these videos, which will build rapport and trust with the auto service center – two things that will inevitably help the company grow. What’s more, they can reply to these videos via text message, effectively providing the dealership with permission to repair the issue, and they can also agree to pay a specified amount for services rendered.

The team at TruVideo truly understands the need to rebuild trust in the auto industry through transparency and communication, and they have offered some excellent advice for utilizing their platform to do just that.

When creating a video detailing an issue with a customer’s car, these videos must be concise, yet informative in order to keep the customer’s attention and ensure their understanding. The service technician should record the issue clearly, enunciate carefully, and remember that he or she must explain the problem to the customer in layman’s terms. To get the most out of the TruVideo platform, the technician should also carefully and succinctly explain what the repair will entail and what it is expected to cost. Customers will appreciate this personalized attention and transparency, and ultimately, it will drive repeat business – one of the biggest factors that determines growth in the auto service industry.

To learn more about TruVideo and the various ways the platform can help you grow your auto dealership in terms of both sales and service, visit the company’s website. If you have more specific questions, feel free to book a demo, call (781)819-0125, or send an email to

About TruVideo: TruVideo, located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, offers an innovative video and text platform designed to enhance communication between auto dealerships and their customers by increasing transparency. The team consists of industry experts who understand that a trustworthy dealership is a successful dealership, and since launching their product, they have helped dozens of auto dealers and service centers grow their businesses through the power of better communication. For more information please visit

About TruVideo

TruVideo is headquartered in Wellesley, Massachusetts and provides texting and video communication platform designed specifically for those in the automotive industry. It allows for safe, efficient communication between auto sales and service team members and their customers, and it also provides the perfect platform for documenting condition reports via video. TruVideo has grown substantially in the last few years and aims to continue to help build a bridge of trust between everyday consumers and the automotive industry.

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