TSC Talks Launches A Woman Led Virtual Market for the Holidays

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How will women entrepreneurs make the transition from brick and mortar to virtual businesses?

Rutland, MA, USA (PRUnderground) October 31st, 2020

COVID 19 has dominated the news in 2020. COVID has changed how we socialize, how we shop, and how we live. America’s most prominent online marketplace, Amazon, has grown massively because of COVID, sales increasing by 32.8%. Amazon’s “e-commerce marketplaces” (private firms selling through Amazon’s services) increased even more dramatically, rising by 54.7%. This transition in how America buys caught the attention of Jill Woodworth and Lisa Larson, the co-owners of TSC Talks, a social media firm. They asked the question, “How will women entrepreneurs make the transition from brick and mortar to virtual businesses?” The answer is, TSK Talks first Virtual Marketplace!

Washington is hotly debating when new medicines, procedures, and vaccines will tame COVID-19. Regardless of how and when this world-wide plague is addressed, how America works and shops may never return to the old normal. According to CNBC, ZOOM has become one of the most recognizable remote access tools and has risen from 10 million to 200 million users in just 3 months. Our lives and or economy are quickly pivoting to “Virtuality”.

That’s why TSC Talks decided to create a month-long Holiday Market. According to Lisa Larson, “Look, we’re experimenting. Most firms already know that they need a  website. That’s a good first step. But many sites are just a sales widget. You find what you want, and you pay for it. In a physical market there is much more. You talk to individuals, you talk to other people in the market. Sometimes there are product demonstrations. We’ve worked out the sales process, and events, maybe some will be “ticketed”. Our event will be a bit like a physical market, a bit like an “expo”. Maybe we can even get some virtual reality elements in there. But probably not by this November. But next year? Who knows!”

If you run a woman-owned business, give TSC Talks a call and see if their Holiday Market is the virtual experience your company needs to cure the Winter COVID-19 blues.

About TSC Talks

TSC TALKS. Inspired by the condition Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. Providing digital audio & video content and products designed to educate, illuminate, support, and advocate “off the grid” alternative and hemp medicine options for marginalized populations. Providing a forum for communication, collaboration, resources, and opportunity. Drawing from lived and learned experience All with the goal of coming together to affect change, bridge gaps, and empower as we come together to better understand each other’s predicament and validate the need for access, affordability that often keep those with chronic, life-threatening conditions from exploring options. Options that CAN open the doors of perception to understanding our exceptional variability as human beings and the “one size fits all” aspects of traditional medicine that are not conducive to bio-psycho-social health, stability, and longevity. Come join us as we dig deep into issues and concepts that need to be given some thought and discussion in order to truly “walk a mile” in another’s shoes!

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