TSC Talks Plans A Virtual Market for Alternative Health This Winter

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In 2020 some of the best holiday sales venues, like markets and fairs, may be closed by new COVID restrictions. Are there any virtual alternatives?

Rutland, MA (PRUnderground) November 2nd, 2020

As the Holidays approach, small businesses are making plans for how they will sell during the most profitable season of the year. But COVID-19 has upended everyone’s plans. Businesses are scrambling to find alternative venues for sales, as rising infection levels may limit or even shut down face to face sales. Jill Woodworth and Lisa Larson, the co-owners of TSC Talks (a social media firm) have a solution. “If we can’t sell face-to-face, why don’t we build a ‘virtual marketplace’ where small businesses alternative medicines, CBD, and nature-based products show off their products?” And that’s just what they will be doing this December!

Throughout 2020, businesses have either been experiencing cycles of shutting down and opening up. By the end of the summer, it looked like the last shutdown was over, and America was opening up and headed towards our new normal. But in late December there are growing signs that many states may change the rules again. Brick and mortar selling during this Holiday season suddenly got a lot more complex.

That’s why Jill Woodworth and Lisa Larson, the co-heads of TSC Talks (a Mass. based media firm), decided to create a Virtual Market experience for small businesses. According to co-owner Jill Woodworth, “Alternative health products are often difficult to market. Vitamin supplements used to be ‘alt-med’. But after a very long time, they found their place next to over the counter drugs and in health food stores. Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic treatments, Oriental medicine, new botanicals. They could complement each other, but they are often divided between different stores and shops. They only get to be sold side by side at health fairs and pop-up markets. Now, due to the rise in COVID-19, few if any of these venues may be open.”

Jill goes on to say, “TSC Talks is going to offer a simple virtual market for small businesses in the alternative health field. You can sell products, just like you can on your own website, but you can enhance the selling experience with live demonstrations, panel discussions, and other ‘virtual’ events. And you can interact with other alt-med providers.”

Do you make or sell alternative medical products? Give TSC Talks a call and see if their Holiday Market is the virtual experience your company needs. It could be the cure for the Winter COVID-19 blues.

About TSC Talks

TSC TALKS. Inspired by the condition Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. Providing digital audio & video content and products designed to educate, illuminate, support, and advocate “off the grid” alternative and hemp medicine options for marginalized populations. Providing a forum for communication, collaboration, resources, and opportunity. Drawing from lived and learned experience All with the goal of coming together to affect change, bridge gaps, and empower as we come together to better understand each other’s predicament and validate the need for access, affordability that often keep those with chronic, life-threatening conditions from exploring options. Options that CAN open the doors of perception to understanding our exceptional variability as human beings and the “one size fits all” aspects of traditional medicine that are not conducive to bio-psycho-social health, stability, and longevity. Come join us as we dig deep into issues and concepts that need to be given some thought and discussion in order to truly “walk a mile” in another’s shoes!

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