Tutor Pace Launches Diagnostic Test – A Free Online Learning Tool

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Tutor pace launches diagnostic test – a free online learning tool for independent learning and self-assessment of personal academic progress of students on its website.

Fort Worth, Texas (PRUnderground) August 25th, 2015

With a keen look on the great variety of educational tools growing fast all over the internet in recent years, Tutor Pace has furthered the notion of independent learning and self-assessment of personal academic progress with the launch of an all new facility of Diagnostic Tests on its website. These commendable online tests are being highly appreciated by both, students and teachers, due to their consummate criterion for evaluation of candidates’ knowledge in the chosen subject.

A substantial number of pedagogues have begun to recommend the Diagnostic Tests available at Tutor Pace to their students in order to help them in keeping a track of the position of their preparation for various kinds of tests.

According to Sunita Upadhyay, an esteemed teacher by profession,

“I find the assessment method at Tutor Pace just perfect for any students who are preparing for the SAT or ACT examination. Besides aiding them in checking their preparatory progress, it also gives them a very clear idea about the kind of questions that they may actually be encountering during these tests.”

Parents are apparently just as delighted with the launch of diagnostics on Tutor Pace as the teachers are.

“SAT and other such examinations have become highly competitive nowadays,” says Manish Sharma, father of a SAT aspirant. “With the diagnostic tests on Tutor Pace, my child will know just the areas that he needs to work on the most.”

Parents have also observed considerable improvement in the efficiency and speed with which their children find solution to problems. This positive feedback from satisfied guardians further assures others that the test is reliable and very useful.

As far as the students themselves are concerned, the website has received great appreciation in the form of testimonials. The launch of such a well-organized and perfectly formulated quiz has been received by the students with quite some vigor and eagerness, since it enables them to record their improvement in various subjects, from an array of sets available for taking the test.

“Having to glance at the watch once and again often makes it difficult for us to concentrate on the questions, and we end up making several silly mistakes, even when we know the answer. Tutor Pace has absolutely solved the problem with the provision of an on-screen system for monitoring the time left,” explains Neha Bhasin.

Her fellow student, Ketan Rajput, supports her words by adding,

“The best feature of these diagnostic tests is we can take tests of any subject and any kind at any moment as per our wish and convenience. Moreover, the option of choosing the test year is simply great for students like me who have been preparing for board examination.”

Sunil Kumar, the enthused Director of Tutor Pace is extremely positive about how parents as well as students will take this new step of Tutor Pace. What further contents him is that this uniquely great feature for their website, which they had been working on for a long time, has finally taken shape and come into existence by being launched for utilization by the users.

“Our motto is to provide each of the students with utmost facility and quality education to reach the peak. Keeping this in mind we are offering diagnostic tests on Tutor Pace. Every student will receive the opportunity of taking one free online test. We hope to present something more effective in future,” he says, with undaunted confidence in his enterprise proving to be quite a success so far.

Each question inside the test has five options of answers to choose from, of which, always only one is correct. The quizzes allow students to avoid questions they fail to understand, or are not sure about knowing the answer of, by clicking on the ‘skip’ option. The test asks candidates twenty questions in twenty minutes, and is a highly referable online tool for all students who aspire to pass SAT and similar examinations.

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