Two Time Suicide Survivor and Advocate Shenetta Malkia Crowned 2016 International Ms. Maryland

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Shenetta Malkia crowned 2016 International Ms. Maryland April 3rd 2016. Ms. Malkia is no stranger to the crown. She was crowned Ms. Maryland United States 2014 with MUSO.

Maryland (PRUnderground) May 11th, 2016

Two-time suicide survivor Shenetta Malkia crowned 2016 International Ms. Maryland on April 3, 2016. This is not the first crowning of Ms. Malkia. Ms. Malkia is also the former Ms. Baltimore United States 2014 and Ms. Maryland United States 2014. While pageantry is new for Ms. Malkia her call for saving the lives of others is a lifelong commitment.

Shenetta Malkia is the Founding President and Executive Director of Empowerment Essence. An organization dedicated to eradicating suicide and bullying among our youth and young adults. She serves on Maryland’s Governor’s Commission for Suicide Prevention and is also the voice in the community for Anti-Bullying. Her personal story of surviving her suicide attempt in her mid-20s and being bullied from the 5th grade to the 10th including in work places is saving the lives of many. She is also raising greater awareness in both mental health and understanding that suicide prevention and anti- bullying take more than research but invocative support systems and follow up care.

While Malkia is focused on saving lives she also is an SAG actress and CEO of Malkhia Relations LLC.  Malkhia Relations LLC is an organization where Malkia works in TV and Film Production producing projects areas suicide prevention and PSAs around Bullying. She also focuses on event management and is planning the Bully Free Beautiful Me Conference scheduled for Aug 21st 2016 at the Hampton Conference Center in Capital Heights Maryland. Bullying on any level is unacceptable and “One Life Saved is One Life Given” are the mottos in which she stands on.

Shenetta entered, competed and won the title of 2016 International Ms. Maryland and now prepares for her national pageant and the title of 2017 International Ms. The pageant is scheduled in New York during the Labor Day weekend and NY Fashion Week, Sept 3rd 2016 through Sept. 9th 2016.  The pageant was and will be judged many areas including intro video, Community Service, Interviews, Photogenic, Swimwear, Evening Gown and On Stage Question. Shenetta Malkia is honored to have the opportunity to represent her state in nationals and will stand with other State delegates representing Elegance and Enterprise. For more information on the pageant and to follow Ms. Malkia on this grand journey visit, or

Help save lives and take Bully Free Beautiful Me on tour to a community near you!  As a mother, daughter, friend, advocate, and survivor Ms. Malkia thanks you for helping take the national and international concern of suicides and follow up care main stream. To find out how you can help in the area of sponsorship for Bully Free Beautiful Me please email

Empowerment Essence Inc.

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Empowerment Essence Inc., is a non-profit organization mentoring and supporting those who have been and are hurting from life’s experiences. Provide trainings, workshops, resources and additional programs so more individuals and communities are aware of Suicide Prevention & Bullying. It’s important that more are able to detect early signs of Suicide and Bullying so we as a community can help bring it to an end. One area of focus is positive image building for youth and young adults. We will encourage and rebuild positive self esteem by working through past disappointments and focusing on the promises of today with expectations of a better future.

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