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UK Government Promises Heavy Investment in Property Development Market (UK Property Finance)

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Future Housing Market A Serious Priority According to UK's Leading Development Finance Firm

Leicestershire, United Kingdom (PRUnderground) October 17th, 2016

As the UK’s leading choice for UK property financing products, UK Property Finance has recently announced that they are delighted with the government’s announcement to invest billions of pounds on new residential property developments over the next few years.  In fact, the firm has even go so far as to say that the recently announced investment package is just what the country needs right now considering the current financial climate following the Brexit result.

A Much Needed Boost

“With the Treasury itself providing serious financial support for those in the property development sector, it seems that the disconcerting issue of the lack of affordable housing across the UK is finally being taken seriously by those in power.  However, although the amount of suggested investment is significant, it still seems to fall short – and this presents a gap which we are more than capable of filling” – UK Property Finance.

The current investment plan seems to indicate that there will be £3 billion invested in the Home Builders’ Fund, and a further £2 for the residential property developments on public land.  This is expected to assist in the delivery of around 225,000 brand new homes across the UK – with the first 15,000 being expected to be fully constructed and habitable by the year 2020.

Although it does seem that the government is taking a positive step in terms of providing affordable, new build housing for the expanding population – there are those who believe that the current rate of expansion is highly insufficient.   Particularly in terms of the provision of affordable housing.

What More Can Be Done?

With government backed property development finance being delivered at a rate far slower than what most would believe to be practically sufficient, we are seeing a diverse range of highly practical and financially profitable new build projects being considered by private investors in the same sector.  Of course, without government backing, these projects will obviously need some form of financial backing which is affordable and tailored towards the needs of each developer.

Fortunately, the team at UK Property Finance  have a long history of providing tailored financing for property development projects of all scales and sizes and, as such, are fully equipped to provide appropriate property development financing for new and existing developers from all walks of life – hopefully ensuring a steady increase in the number of affordably rentable and easily purchasable houses, flats and apartments  for those in search of getting on the property ladder for the first time.

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