Unify Cosmos Launches Campaign to Promote Brainwave Therapy Tech Tool

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Edmond, USA (PRUnderground) August 29th, 2017

Unify Cosmos, an online company, is inviting Internet users to join their campaign in promoting Brain Therapy tool, Brain Entrainment. The new campaign comes at a time when brainwave and neurofeedback technologies are fast rising among people with different mental needs.

“Brain Entrainment and other neurofeedback technologies are growing at a fast rate. But few people are actually embracing them and using them to help their loved ones. We wish to change this narrative with our campaign,” Millicent Jones, spokesperson and manager of the campaign at Unify Cosmos, says.

Brain Entrainment, a tool used to stimulate brainwaves through sound or light, helps people with different mental and spiritual needs find relaxation, focus, meditate or reduce instances of certain mental illnesses such as epilepsy. According to doctors in a New York based college, brain entertainment can work for anyone, including people without any mental conditions.

Unify Cosmos conquers with the same message by emphasizing the fact that brain entrainment creates a brainwave in the human brain that can be used to achieve a better state of mind. But while there is great hype about the technology, Unify Cosmos believes that a lot of the important details about Brain Entrainment are still to be told.

David Foley, founder of the website, says that most of the tool’s health benefits are yet to be understood by the public. He cites marketing hype and “gross misunderstanding” of how brain entrainment works as reasons most people with certain mental conditions still don’t use the tool.

“One of the reasons we are running this campaign is to emphasize the health benefits achieved by Brain Entrainment. Healthier sleep patterns, relaxation, anger management and improvements in cognitive patterns are just some of the benefits we hope to put across in our campaign,” David notes.

Although Brain Entrainment is today more popular than ever, study shows that it has been in existence for decades. Brain Entrainment became popular in the 1970s and was globalized in the 1990s. Brain Entrainment also has rules that must be followed for the patient to find benefit in it. Unify Cosmos hopes to clarify the brainwave tool through a campaign that will primarily be run on their site, www.unifycosmos.com

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