United Cannabis Society Announces New Award Program For 2020

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UCS Award Honors Those Committed To Clean And Sustainable Cannabis; Early 2020 UCS Award Winners Announced

Boston, MA (PRUnderground) February 18th, 2020

United Cannabis Society (UCS), a non-profit organization that is committed to a sustainable Earth, announces the new United Cannabis Society Award to recognize businesses and leaders committed to sustainable and organic cannabis practices. A new addition to the UCS organization for 2020, the UCS Award program further elevates UCS’s mission to support and distinguish leaders in the industry who contribute to the movement for clean, organically grown cannabis. Early 2020 UCS Award Winners have been announced on the UCS website, with more to be awarded soon.

“Many people are not aware of the dangers of non-organic cannabis plants which are typically grown with chemicals and pesticides,” said Benjamin White, Founder of the United Cannabis Society. “When non-organic cannabis is smoked, all of those harmful toxins used in conventional farming practices go directly into our lungs and bloodstreams which is hard for our organs to break down. At UCS, our goal is to shed light on these dangers and support businesses that choose to create “clean” brands and products. By doing so, we can educate consumers about healthier options for cannabis, for both human health and the Earth.”

Each year, UCS will nominate a number of dedicated and passionate leaders, including farmers, dispensaries, and brands to receive the invite-only UCS Award. Awards will be available in four distinct categories: 

  • The Grower: Incorporating organic farming practices, the growers are committed to producing cannabis with no pesticides and toxins. Honoring natural farming standards, these growers breed pure flowers that are superior in taste, quality, and potency.

  • The Creator: Using clean and organically grown cannabis, the creators consistently develop sustainable high-quality products. Honoring growers who practice organic farming, these creators deliver products that are exceptional in experience, taste, and design.

  • The Provider: With proven industry knowledge, the providers are committed to helping others find a positive experience with organically grown goods. Recognizing organic farming practices, these providers cater to a range of consumers looking for sustainable cannabis products.

  • The Leader: Sharing organic farming knowledge, the leaders are committed to empowering the industry to think and act responsibly when producing cannabis. Promoting sustainable best practices, these leaders are passionate about the safety, quality, and benefits of clean cannabis.

Nominations are based on a few requirements and criteria: passing an independent, third party-test; that they promote and advocate the need for “organic” and “clean” cannabis; and that they are dedicated to sustainable practices.

2020 recipients of the UCS Award are listed online now at www.unitedcannabissociety.org/the-award. Additional winners will soon be announced.

For more information, visit www.unitedcannabissociety.org

About United Cannabis Society

The United Cannabis Society (UCS) is a non-profit organization that is committed to a sustainable Earth, recognizing the leaders who contribute to the movement for clean, organically grown cannabis. Our vision is that clean cannabis practices will sustain the health of the earth and our communities. At UCS, we’re committed to transforming the cannabis industry by elevating the way cannabis is grown, distributed, and consumed because we believe in an environmentally and socially responsible lifestyle. Visit www.unitedcannabissociety.org.

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