Upholstery For An Upbeat Transformation: Shares Blueprint Home, A ThreeBestRated® Furniture Store, Ottawa

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Ottawa, Ontario (PRUnderground) February 14th, 2023

Watching the favorite series with the hands holding a cup of coffee and laying on the fluffy soft couch puts you into an ecstatic state of mind, doesn’t it? And, who doesn’t want that elated vibes? This sheds some light on upholstery furniture in recent years and also it is one of the smartest and cheapest ways to give your home a complete makeover.

What do you want? Whether you want to redecorate or fill the extra space wisely at your home, upholstery furniture can be a great option!

But how to choose?

We have experts from Blueprint Home, a 2023 ThreeBestRated® award-winning furniture store in Ottawa, ON to provide some guidance on picking upholstery furniture that goes well. They feel privileged to share their knowledge with us.

Fabric Matters…

The fabric you choose will decide the functionality, durability, clean-ability, quality, etc… So, to choose the right fabric that suits you and your family, ask yourself these questions!

Where will you place it? If you place your couch in the library or private room, it is okay to choose velvet, chenille, etc. On the other hand, if you place it in the living area (busy area) where the couch will be overused, then opt for durable fabrics like corduroys, and microfibre blends. There’s a fire-resistant fabric available that will be the best choice for a place near the fireplaces.

Will you use it every day or occasionally? The utility depends on the room/place it is being placed. However, when you place it in the living area, then the chances are high for spillage of beverages or dirt that needs frequent cleaning. In such cases, easily washable fibers like cotton and waterproof fabrics can be great options.

Are you a pet lover? If yes, then you will be allowing your pets to sit on the couch, right? Hence your couch will brush and deposit the fur that causes allergies to those who are prone to these allergens. Therefore instead of choosing natural blend fibers pick synthetic fibers like faux suede, denim, canvas, etc.. to make the cleaning flexible.

Do you have children practice wrestling?  When you have children, the couch will be exposed to strain, dirt, and damage. Ergo, opt for ultrasuede and microfibre that will withstand the tear and wear.

Above all when you are a first-time buyer or aim to redecorate your home, you might be a little bit confused about what and how to choose. Hence, it is good to go with an expert’s advice.

Why Blueprint Home?

Blueprint Home has been part of the Ottawa landscape for over 22 years. Opening in 2000 it has prided itself on personalized service with attention to detail when guiding clients through their design plans and selection process. Many customers, over the years, have expressed their trust in this local Ottawa shop.

With the ongoing global issues, local retailers have had to navigate some new and challenging areas. With this, we note Blueprint has taken every opportunity to ‘Thank their local community for their kindness and support’ along this journey.

We asked Blueprint to highlight which area of designs, do clients find challenging. Fabric selection with durability ratings was at the top of their list. This covers choosing fabrics with high rub counts. As a result, being able to withstand everyday use, high traffic areas, children, or even pets. Rating fabrics is now an industry standard as more rely on the resilient material to last.

The uniqueness of their being a boutique furniture store is the personalized service they are able to provide to clients. Their reputation for caring has reached us at ThreeBestRated® and inspired us to award Blueprint Home in the top three furniture stores for 2023.

When we reached out to the owner she ‘thanked us and mentioned she felt honored to be chosen for this award’. Blueprint passed our 50-Point Inspection to be placed as one of the three best furniture stores in Ottawa. Blueprint says “we will always do our best to maintain our level of quality and service which has awarded us a place in the ThreeBestRated® family. To get in touch with Blueprint Home, visit their website: https://blueprinthome.com/

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