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Uplifting Rap Artist, Vocalist & Producer Gerard B. Drops new Studio Album “Beautiful Scars: Tragedy to Triumph” May 22nd

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When it comes to music Gerard B. is doing something very special. Breaking with industry norms he rejects vulgarity and embraces positivity, while still delivering songs that people want to hear. His latest album is available soon.

Chicago, IL (PRUnderground) May 1st, 2020

Music is a powerful force and a universal language. One man who understand that inside and out – and uses that power and language to help try to make the world a better place, is Vocalist, Songwriter and Music Producer Gerard B. Building off of past success since his 2015 debut, Gerard recently announced a May 22nd 2020 release date for his new album “Beautiful Scars: Tragedy to Triumph”. Remarkably, the multifaceted artist handles all aspects of creation on the new release. It also stand out, like the rest of his work, by avoiding the negative aspects so well-known in the music industry. The new album has no vulgarity, no references to substance abuse, or other obscenity. Instead, he delivers a message that’s both timely and completely uplifting.

“We need music that can bring another kind of message,” commented the enthusiastic master of his craft. “With the right thoughts and actions we can go from tragedy to triumph.”

Building off of four releases that have seen his music played from coast to coast,”Good Times”, “Truly Blessed, Chapter 1”; “Beneath The Surface”; and “Prolific”, the anticipation building up to his new release is high. Especially in today’s circumstance where many people need a voice to help inspire them more than ever, as they face extremely large challenges.

The new album will be available across all of the major digital platforms, like iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, iHeart Radio, Apple Music, Amazon Mp3, Pandora, and Google Play, making ordering for fans easy.

The response to his work has been extremely enthusiastic, so it’s expected interest in “Beautiful Scars: Tragedy to Triumph” will be high.

DJ Rob G., commented with passion about Gerard B.’s vision and work, “If everyone is gravitating towards one sound and that’s what’s popping and selling, It takes courage to stick to your own lane and say, you know what – I am going to follow my own vision.”

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About Gerard B.

Deeply experienced rap vocalist, Producer, and songwriter Gerard B. Music Publishing on imprint Baptiste Media, LLC. is not the norm. Gerard wants to challenge his audience to be receptive to something different, uplifting, and thought-provoking.

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