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Family members can feel at ease when Touching Hearts at Home NYC crafts 24-hour live-in home care and companion care to fit the needs of seniors and other loved ones

New York, NY (PRUnderground) November 28th, 2020

Live-in care on Manhattan’s Upper East Side is a specialty of Touching Hearts at Home NYC, and its home care for seniors and others in need in the New York City area can be tailored and very flexible.

Live-in care on the Upper East Side is often considered by families when elderly or infirm loved ones might need assistance during the night. Touching Hearts NYC has all their needs covered by highly trained, experienced, full-time caregivers who provide 24-hour care for seniors throughout the Upper East Side neighborhood.

The company’s directly employed, dedicated 24-hour live-in caregivers help with daily living activities, meal preparation, transportation, and other tasks. The ultimate end is to provide support and comfort for loved ones and a sense of assurance for family members.

One example of how Touching Hearts NYC can tailor services to the needs of live-in care and companion-care recipients is specialized accompaniment. Company owner Craig Sendach explained that clients on Upper East Side and other areas in which it operates have increasingly needed a carer to meet them and ensure they get home safely after being discharged from facilities such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes.

“The first 24-48 hours, in advance of Medicare assessment, are typically when the person is most vulnerable to being readmitted for something preventable, and home care can improve the outcome,” Sendach said.

He explained that experienced caregivers can take the place of family members, when they are unavailable, to meet and accompany loved ones home to the Upper East Side in this way. This can then be followed by a safety check of the home, discarding of expired food, collection of prescriptions, tidying, and whatever else is required. All the services available with companion care can be included, and 24-hour live-in care can be provided if necessary.

On a regular day, though, a live-in or companion-care caregiver’s activities in the client’s home might also include friendly conversation; current or historical events discussion; games, cards, or other mind-stimulating activities; help with hobbies or crafts; watching movies and streaming services with the client; and reading and discussing books, papers, and magazines.

Often an important concern for family members considering live-in senior care on the Upper East Side is how their loved one will interact with a new carer. Touching Hearts NYC understands very well the need for seniors to feel comfortable with a live-in caregiver, and great effort goes into ensuring carers are just like extra family members. Much emphasis is on companionship and friendly conversation, and Touching Hearts’ success in this area is indicated in feedback from happy clients.

To make it easier for elderly family members to welcome a new live-in caregiver, Touching Hearts NYC recommends families follow a four-step process: Talk about the plan as early as possible; Arrange meetings with the new caregiver; Involve the elderly family member in the selection process, and be understanding about the family member’s nervousness and misgivings.

Quite apart from offering expertise and flexibility in 24-hour live-in care, Touching Hearts NYC’s services are companion care, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, light housekeeping, meal preparation, accompaniment (medical appointments etc), and transportation. The company’s work is primarily in senior home care in NYC, but they also provide in-home care services to others in need, such as people with medical conditions, and others who might need a helping hand at home for a variety of reasons. The company is ready to discuss home care needs without obligation.

Touching Hearts recently completed an expansion into Westchester County, and now offers live-in care and its other services there as well as in the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Rockland areas of NYC.

About Touching Hearts at Home NYC Area

About Touching Hearts at Home NYC Area – Touching Hearts NYC offers in-home care to aging adults, seniors, and individuals living with medical conditions and disabilities at rates considerably more affordable than care outside the home. The agency is known for Non-Medical Home Care, Companionship and Homemaker services in New York City’s Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, Queens, and Rockland areas. Its focus is on providing person-centered care to help those in need remain in their home, maintain the lifestyle they choose, and feel confident they will be treated with the respect and kindness they deserve.

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