Using Coffee To Fuel Family Connection- Lifeboost Donates To Sparrow Fund’s Marriage Retreat

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Lifeboost Coffee donates coffee to The Sparrow Fund, a nonprofit organization in the Philadelphia area.

Carmel, IN (PRUnderground) March 28th, 2023

The goal of Lifeboost Coffee is to bring its customers the healthiest, purest coffee on the planet.

However, they seek to do this with more in mind than just coffee.

The company believes people are at the heart of every process, product, and interaction, making one of their core pillars, connection, a fitting and vital part of their business motto and success.

Since there would be no Lifeboost Coffee without coffee farmers, their first connections prompted the company to ensure these valuable men and women are paid a fair wage, something often lacking in this field.

When learning of the impoverished conditions in which children in these communities attend school, if they are able to attend at all, the company chose to support organizations, like Project Alianza, whose mission is to build schools in the areas where their coffee farmers live.

Ultimately, Lifeboost believes coffee can be used as a means to connect with those in our everyday lives as well.

Of course, coffee connects us as we share meaningful conversations over a mug or two with family, friends, and colleagues. But, the company has also found that donating bags and boxes of coffee can promote connection as well.

Locally, Lifeboost donates to first responders, shelters, and community events, providing the opportunity for staff members to get to know those who serve these areas.

Then, recently the company was privileged to donate coffee to an organization out of their local area, one with a similar appreciation for connection, The Sparrow Fund.

This organization is a nonprofit in the Philadelphia area with a mission to care for foster and adopted children and their grownups by empowering relationships within and between families.

Care expressed for these families comes in the form of grants, counseling services, training, and educational opportunities, as well as an annual marriage retreat the nonprofit hosts for foster and adoptive parents.

For the past nine years, their retreat, known as Together Called, has brought in over 100 couples from 14 states, where partners come to enjoy a break, some rest and relaxation, a few encouraging and educational sessions, as well as a bit of pampering.

Each couple attending the retreat is given a generously curated swag bag, a gift that prompted Sparrow Fund staff to reach out to Lifeboost Coffee.

As the event organizers explained their love for Lifeboost Coffee and how it fueled their desire to include the delicious java within the gift bags, Lifeboost was happy to respond with a donation of 65 bags of coffee and 10 boxes of their coffee pods.

As The Sparrow Fund supports these families in their care for foster, adopted, and vulnerable children, placing the value and need for connection within these relationships as a top priority, Lifeboost echoes the need for connection within our homes and communities as well, and they certainly enjoying using clean, healthy coffee as a means to do so.

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