Vacation Home Companies are missing out on the biggest online tools that increase their Revenue, reveals Onevox

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Boosted by US and Canadian tourists, Florida's visitor count continued growing at a record pace until the second quarter of 2019. Florida attracted a record 126.98 million visitors in 2018, including 66.28 million people during the first half of last year. However, Rodrigo Lins MSc, CEO of Onevox Creative Solutions – the number one company in Orlando specialized in Vacation Home marketing support, realized that are many online tools that can increase revenue drastically.

Florida (PRUnderground) September 4th, 2019

The number of tourists in Florida keeps growing. In the first half of the year the state visitor count exceeded all expectations. One of the industries that earns the most from these impressive numbers are vacation home companies. More tourists, more demand for quality accommodation. The search for vacation home rentals has also increased in the last 3 years.

For vacation home companies one factor can be decisive when taking advantage of this scenario. Market research can help these companies remain in the price range that their competitors are using and make their rental properties more attractive to the general public. Communication, marketing and press expert Rodrigo Lins, CEO of Onevox Creative Solutions, explains that understanding market prices and your competition are critical in increasing sales for vacation home rentals.

“We have been educating many customers – vacation home business owners – to better understand the market. We do market research and price planning so that the business owner can know if they are applying fair prices for each type of property they rent. Anyone looking for a home online takes many factors into account, one of which is the price range for each type of property,” explains Rodrigo Lins.

Onevox specializes in online sales and helps entrepreneurs in various industries to immerse themselves in the digital market, increasing their sales. According to Rodrigo Lins, the offer of more vacation homes has forced entrepreneurs to dive into digital marketing to gain notoriety and attract more audiences to their vacation homes.

“The internet allows a company to promote itself in every region of the planet. Proper planning can help build marketing campaigns for each region. The results we are getting for our customers is fascinating,” says Lins. “An entrepreneur in the industry of vacation homes who doesn’t understand the importance of marketing will surely fail,” says Lins.


Helping the biggest Vacation Home companies in Florida, Rodrigo Lins realized that most of these companies are not even using the brand-new marketing tools. According to him,

implementing these tools in the companies’ websites and social media have been increasing their sales by up to 475%. An opportunity that must not be missed out on. “37% of companies don`t know about these online marketing options and lose money daily. There are many tools we can implement for each client and customize to their goals”, says Rodrigo Lins.


Brazil is one of the top countries on the list of tourists who visit Florida every year. For vacation home companies it is always a great choice to invest in advertising. According to Rodrigo Lins, Brazilians are always up to date when it comes to researching prices and quality of properties.

“We have implemented a series of initiatives to promote our customers in the huge Brazilian market. We understand what the Brazilian tourist is looking for when booking a vacation home. Our press release service, for example, publishes companies in the main news channels in Brazil – especially those that are read by the traveling public. It’s a great way to reach the Brazilian audience and attract them to rent your Florida vacation homes,” Lins concludes.

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