Vaginas Rejoice: Yarlap® Kegel Device Improves Sexual Performance & Expression

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The Yarlap®, originally created to treat female urinary incontinence, also improves sexual performance and expression – the first product on the market to do so.

Oxford, Ohio (PRUnderground) January 3rd, 2018

The Yarlap® is a clinically-proven, FDA-cleared device that tones and re-educates the muscles of a woman’s pelvic floor to treat female urinary incontinence and to maintain urinary control in women. Relevium Labs, Inc. can now announce two new benefits to its Yarlap system:

1. The Yarlap® improves sexual performance through muscle control

2. The Yarlap® improves sexual expression/experience through muscle control

The Yarlap® device is a Kegel machine for pelvic floor muscle tone, which is integral to a woman’s overall wellbeing. The Yarlap® uses AutoKegel® Technology to stimulate the correct muscles to contract and relax for the correct amount of time every time. AutoKegel® Technology even gives this capability to virtually all women, even those who have severe muscle atrophy.

The Yarlap® takes out any guesswork by performing the exercises for the user – a key feature, since many women can’t or don’t do Kegels correctly on their own. In fact, more than 50% of women are unable to perform Kegel exercises on their own, even with proper training. As with any exercise, Kegel exercises are effective and safe only if performed correctly. This is a particular concern to women if the muscles have been strained to the point they do not respond (for instance, after childbirth).

As it turns out, all those Kegels have an impact beyond treating urinary incontinence – as the user gains more control over her pelvic floor muscles, it also improves her sexual performance and expression.

“I believe the best way to help a woman find fulfillment in their sexual experience is to give them the muscle control that gives them the confidence and ability to express and enjoy themselves to the fullest,” says Brent Reider, medical device engineer and creator of the Yarlap®. “Sex after using the Yarlap® is exploration – it’s a new age of discovery!”

According to accepted peer-reviewed literature, it is most appropriate to define sexual wellness as performance and expression. Performance is goal oriented, where expression is experience/pleasure oriented. It’s important for both performance and expression to be recognized, because women need to be encouraged to feel good about the variety of ways they can experience sexual pleasures.

With Yarlap® control, there is more to pleasure than an intense orgasm.

The Yarlap® system was created by the father-daughter team of Brent and MaryEllen Reider, and has been featured as a urinary incontinence treatment and device that improves sexual performance in several media outlets, ranging from Women’s Health to Bustle. It’s the only device of its kind, and can treat urinary incontinence after just a few weeks of use – all without drugs or surgery.

“Customers often call to tell us they have regained bladder control using the Yarlap® – we’ve received many positive reviews on Amazon and our website,” says MaryEllen Reider, Director of Sales Development. ”But what’s really exciting for us is when a woman in her 80s using the Yarlap® calls to report she has regained the ability to control her pelvic floor muscles, including hold and release for intimacy. We also receive a lot of positive feedback from new moms and runners, who often suffer from urinary incontinence for years before seeking treatment. The Yarlap® is truly life changing for many women!”

More Information About the Yarlap®


  • Relieves female incontinence; stress, urge and mixed

  • Maintains continence in women

  • Improves sexual performance through muscle control

  • Improves sexual expression/experience through muscle control

  • Provides pelvic floor workout in 20 minutes or less a day

  • Available direct from the manufacturer’s website with free shipping 

  • Available on 

  • Available from select Healthcare professionals through Performance Health.

  • $299 – Less than half the cost of a year’s supply of diapers and pads!

  • A fraction the annual cost for laundry, dry cleaning and garment loss.

  • No-surgery, no drugs and no side effects 

About Yarlap

At the forefront of medical therapies for pain control, muscle tone, and female urinary incontinence to improve women’s quality of life and wellbeing, Relevium Labs is privately held and headquartered in Ohio. The devices are designed in the U.S. and manufactured in the U.K. The Yarlap® designer is an author and referee for medical and scientific peer review journals. The “Role of Pelvic Floor Muscles in Female Orgasmic Response,” by Brent Reider is a recent British peer-reviewed article that contains important information for mothers of all ages.

For more information, please visit Additional product information, images and media samples are available upon request. The product designer and company co-founder is also available for interviews upon request.

Yarlap® and AutoKegel® are registered trademarks owned by Relevium Labs Inc.

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