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Veg, a New Vegan Dating App Helps You Find Love Without the Cholesterol

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The all-new vegan dating app App Veg has been launched in Apple Store to simplify the process of animal-free singles finding and meeting each other.

San Francisco, California (PRUnderground) June 19th, 2017

In a survey of 256,370 users, OKCupid found that vegetarian and vegan daters are considerably more into hookup and casual dating. Whether that’s enough of a reason to convert to a vegan lifestyle remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the all-new vegan dating App Veg simplifies the process of animal-free singles finding and meeting each other by listing dating profiles of those committed to a healthy diet.

Think finding a date is difficult when the pool of available applicants is nearly every single of your preferred gender(s)? Consider this about vegan dating: Only 2 percent of Americans are vegetarian. A mere 0.5 percent of the U.S. population identifies as totally animal-free. And while many vegetarians and vegans engage in “mixed” relationships — that is, relationships with omnivores — it is often a struggle to do so.

For many people committed to a cruelty-free lifestyle, dating means more than simply ditching a food group for love. It’s about sharing values and priorities. It’s about making decisions that help the environment and animals. It’s about confidently choosing restaurants where the other person doesn’t sarcastically suggest you “just order lettuce.” It’s also about finding a partner whose lifestyle decisions jive with your own.

That’s why Veg App was created — to provide a place for non-meaters, whole foods lovers, and others who thrive on a plant-based diet to gather. For people who want a friendship or a date, a hook-up or a marriage, Veg App is a thoughtful alternative to other costly sites with only superficial identifiers. Founder Casper X explains, “There are many dating apps for people of nearly every religion and ethnicity, for people who are young and those who are older, for gay, straight, bi, and trans people as well. Yet when it comes to finding non-religious shared values, surprisingly few options are available. With Veg App, I sought to disrupt the system and that way of thinking.”

The idea behind the mobile App stems from two close friends frequently going out with expectations of meeting like-minded people, only to be disappointed when the subject of food arose. They repeatedly asked, “Where do all the vegetarians hang out?” and consequently Veg App was born and pursued to help shape an answer to that one basic question. In contrast to other dating and social apps, Veg App provides users 24 hours / day customer service. Users can browse, post or interact with one another easily. There are no lengthy questionnaires to complete or loops to jump through.

Veg App is only available now on the Apple Store and it will come to Google Play very soon. Veg App is a new mobile app with an ever-expanding database. If you don’t find what you’re looking for right away, check back in frequently and share the app with friends.

For more information, please check on Veg official site:

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