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Venus Michael is an accredited, experienced financial expert. She is skilled and proficient in modern accounting styles.

Austin, TX (PRUnderground) May 4th, 2021

Venus Michael is an accredited, experienced financial expert. She is skilled and proficient in modern accounting styles. Venus maintains accurate records for all of her clients with precision and attention to detail. With over twenty years of experience in bookkeeping, she is dedicated to helping you develop your business by working with you to form new strategies that maximize profit and growth. 

Venus is also a certified “Profit First” Master. This system helps change the way a business manages its money, focusing on you making the most profit possible. Her expertise can help your small or medium-sized business be profitable and sustainable. You know you want to have a successful business and make money, now you just need to be sure you have a professional to keep the cash flowing and things operating smoothly. 

Venus Michael can save you a lot of hassle and money in the long run with her financial management expertise. Her business motto is “Account-ability” and she definitely backs it up. She can find ways to help cut debt and expenses so your business can grow profits and expand. Venus Michael’s methods show you the best path to financial gain and ensure that your business is maintaining accurate financial records. 

If you’re having problems keeping up with running your business and staying on top of data entry, she can get your new or existing books organized. Venus can handle your payroll, payroll taxes, and any payroll compliance issues for you. Her professional bookkeeping and accounting skills can help you manage your business finances and handle reporting on a regular basis. Venus can save you time and ease your worries about keeping track of so much information. She knows how to interpret and use those numbers to start improving your business.

Profit First services put the focus on profit growth. It’s a system that Venus uses to help put money where it needs to go to maximize gains. Her professional bookkeeping experience ensures that your records are accurate and keeps your mind at ease. You can rest assured knowing that you have Venus Michael overseeing your books. Her cashflow roadmap services can help you create a plan that will make your business profitable, permanently. 

Strategic planning services can help you decide what next steps to take to make your business thrive. Venus also does speaking engagements. She offers workshops on accounting basics and cash flow management for small to midsize businesses. Get in touch with Venus Michael today and ask about a free consultation. Let her introduce you to the tools you need to succeed and make more money. Venus can make your business start working for you, not the other way around. For more information please visit

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