Verticals Boost: Distribution to an additional 150 vertical niche news websites

Upgrade your distribution! For $15 more, your press release will be picked up by an additional 150+ vertical niche news websites across topic areas such as Business, Technology/Science, Entertainment/Lifestyle, Sports, Asia, General News and Travel.  (Important Note: this network of news sites charge us a $50 retraction fee to pull down a published press release so please be sure your press release is final before you submit it. Also, most of these sites will pick it up but occasional glitches can happen).

Science & Technology Verticals

The Daily Futurist (Science and Technology)
Science Of The World (Science and Technology)
The Scientific Journal (Science and Technology)
The Science Buzz (Science and Technology)
Star Journals (Science and Technology)
Sains Kini (Science and Technology)
Red Shift Daily (Science and Technology)
Recent Discovery (Science and Technology)
The Next Daily (Science and Technology)
Indepth Science (Science and Technology)
The Next Discovery (Science and Technology)
Still Surge (Science and Technology)
Science Thread (Science and Technology)
Science tech Today (Science and Technology)
Future Science Today (Science and Technology)
Kick Connect (Science and Technology)
Daily Tech Geek (Science and Technology)
Surat Khabar Tech (Science and Technology)
Tech World Insiders (Science and Technology)
Tech Malaysian Talks (Science and Technology)
Daily Dispatcher tech (Science and Technology)
Morning Dispatcher Technology (Science and Technology)
Tech Buzzing Asia (Science and Technology)
Eastern tribunal Tech (Science and Technology)
Tech Asialogue (Science and Technology)
In The Headline Tech (Science and Technology)
Futurally (Science and Technology)
Scienfinite (Science and Technology)
Next New Tech (Science and Technology)
Frontal Report Tech (Science and Technology)


Entertainment & Lifestyle Verticals

Uptown Stars (Entertainment)
The Buzz Reporters (Entertainment)
Daily Inside Scoop (Entertainment)
Enter Hollywood (Entertainment)
Buzz Online Daily (Entertainment)
Hip N Trendy (Entertainment)
Reporter Pass (Entertainment)
Celeb Wired (Entertainment)
Hollywood In Five (Entertainment)
The Diva Today (Entertainment)
E-Stardom (Entertainment)
Asean Scoop (Entertainment)
Enter Wicked (Entertainment)
Surat Khabar Entertainment (Entertainment)
Entertainment World Insiders (Entertainment)
Entertainment Malaysian Talks (Entertainment)
The Daily Dispatcher Entertainment (Entertainment)
Morning Dispatcher Entertainment (Entertainment)
Entertainment Buzzing Asia (Entertainment)
Eastern tribunal Entertainment (Entertainment)
Entertainment Asialogue (Entertainment)
Frontal Report Entertainment (Entertainment)
Asean Coverage Entertainment (Entertainment)
In The Headline Entertainment (Entertainment)
E-Rumor Mill (Entertainment)
Trendy Reporter (Entertainment)
Chill Hype (Entertainment)
The Heathier Web (Lifestyle)
Look Out Style (Lifestyle)
Culture Buzzing Asia (Lifestyle)
Asean Coverage Culture (Lifestyle)
Kayak Away (Lifestyle)
Glamorous News (Lifestyle)
Surat Khabar Lifestyle (Lifestyle)
Lifestyle World Insiders (Lifestyle)
Lifestyle Malesian Talks (Lifestyle)
The Daily Dispatcher Lifestyle (Lifestyle)
Morning Dispatcher Lifestyle (Lifestyle)
Eastern Tribunal Lifestyle (Lifestyle)
Lifestyle Asialogue (Lifestyle)
Frontal Report Lifestyle (Lifestyle)
In The Headline Lifestyle (Lifestyle)


Business & Finance Verticals

Banking Reporter (Business & Finance)
Biz Daily Online (Business & Finance)
Duniaga (Business & Finance)
Thinks Business Today (Business & Finance)
Emporium Post (Business & Finance)
BursaKL (Business & Finance)
Fortune Week (Business & Finance)
Bajet Harian (Business & Finance)
Business Vantage News (Business & Finance)
The Financial Metrics (Business & Finance)
The Budget Report (Business & Finance)
Marketers Log (Business & Finance)
Market Fold (Business & Finance)
Profit and Cost (Business & Finance)
The Market Noise (Business & Finance)
Digital Press Network (Business & Finance)
The Upstocker (Business & Finance)
Market Sanctum (Business & Finance)
The Financial Capital (Business & Finance)
Manage The Numbers (Business & Finance)
Money World Insiders (Business & Finance)
The Daily Dispatcher Finance (Business & Finance)
Morning Dispatcher Money (Business & Finance)
Money Buzzing Asia (Business & Finance)
Eastern Tribunal Finance (Business & Finance)
Finance Asialogue (Business & Finance)
Frontal Report Money (Business & Finance)
Asean Coverage Finance (Business & Finance)
In The Headline Money (Business & Finance)


Asia Verticals

Daily World Web (Asia)
Syok Asia (Asia)
VN Reporter (Asia)
Oriental News Today (Asia)
Surat Khabar Business (Asia)
Business Malaysian Talks (Asia)
Indo Inquirer (Asia)
Thailand Tribunal (Asia)
Malaysian Talks (Asia)
Gempak Media (Asia)
Buzzing Asia (Asia)
Surat Khabar (Asia)
Malaysia Corner (Asia)
Heart of Malaysia (Asia)
Akhbar Harian (Asia)
Voice of KL (Asia)
Asia Shift (Asia)
Asean Coverage (Asia)
Asia Viral News (Asia)

Sports Verticals

Sportify News (Sports)
Sukan Kini (Sports)
The Sport Ship (Sports)
All Sports Today (Sports)
Daily Sports Club (Sports)
Ultimate Sports Daily (Sports)
The Final Score (Sports)
Daily Sports Global (Sports)
Daily Sprinter (Sports)
Daily Xtreme (Sports)
Sport Solid (Sports)
Weekly Rebound (Sports)
The Score Daily (Sports)
Action Swift (Sports)
Soccer Out (Sports)
Replay Wall (Sports)
Next Sports Web (Sports)
Peek Into Field (Sports)
Sukan 360 (Sports)
Surat Khabar (Sports)
Sports World Insiders (Sports)
Sports Malaysian Talks (Sports)
The Daily Dispatcher Sports (Sports)
Morning Dispatcher Sports (Sports)
Sports Buzzing Asia (Sports)
Eastern tribunal Sports (Sports)
<– Sports Asialogue (Sports) –>
Frontal Report Sports (Sports)
Asean Coverage Sports (Sports)
In The Headline Sports (Sports)
Diver Haven (Sports)
Stomp The City (Sports)

General News Verticals

Stars Gazette (General News)
The Witness Daily (General News)
The Daily Dispatcher (General News)
World Insiders (General News)
News On Express (General News)
The Morning Herald (General News)
Daily World Feed (General News)
In the Headline (General News)
Obserworld (General News)
24-7 Reporters (General News)
Central News Today (General News)
Morning Dispatcher (General News)
Internasional Kini (General News)
The Daily Feeder (General News)
Frontal Report (General News)
Asialogue (General News)
The World Agenda (General News)
Three Sixty Press (General News)
Buzzing Globe (General News)
Expert Features (General News)
Eastern Tribunal (General News)
Deck Biz (General News)
In Real World (General News)
Daily Transparent (General News)
The Journalist Report (General News)

Travel Verticals

Walk The Biz (Travel)
5 Stars Discovery (Travel)
Travel Leisure Mag (Travel)
Stargazers Archive (Travel)
The Travel Trooper (Travel)
Life Voyageurs (Travel)
Time To Visit Here (Travel)
KL Explore (Travel)
Suara KL (Travel)
Zig Zag World (Travel)
Top Spot Malaysia (Travel)
Travel Stylo (Travel)
Traveller Sea (Travel)
Voyage Times (Travel)
The Life Voyager (Travel)
Daily Nomad (Travel)
Walk To The Place (Travel)
Life Ponds (Travel)
Utara Selatan (Travel)
Daily Travelogue (Travel)
Tale Out (Travel)