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Victoria Ventures Group Honored for Corporate Social Responsibility

Industry: Financial Services

It isn't often when a investment industry corporation commits to social and community responsibility to the degree that they are celebrated for it. This has recently been the case with Victoria Ventures Group who thanked those who have recognized their efforts both in Miami Beach and nationally.

Miami Beach. Florida (PRUnderground) July 5th, 2019

The large impact corporations have on a wide-range of aspects of daily life and the environment isn’t something many people would try to sensibly deny. However, there are a few shining examples of where this power is taken seriously and handled in a way that is founded and guided by strong ethical principles. For decades, Miami Beach-based Victoria Ventures Group has worked hard to stay within these kind of parameters, to put people first and to care about how the projects they are involved with effect both communities and the environment. This dedication has not gone unnoticed and the company recently thanked a group of local organizations and individuals who honored them for their devotion to practicing corporate social responsibility.

Here at Victoria Ventures Group we firmly feel what you put out into the world you eventually are likely to get back,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “This is why, since day one, we have strived to be socially responsible. To see the community recognize this is very heart warming. We are grateful for the honor and will continue to be committed to doing our best in this important area.”

Victoria Ventures Group work in a number of different spaces including water production; alternative energy concepts; smart homes and new media; oil and gas projects; along with textile and fashion.

The company keeps a close eye, even when working with international partners or manufacturers, that the health of all employees and labor standards are safeguarded and respected.

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About Victoria Ventures Group

Trust and the highest responsibility in our companies, in the investors, and of course in the environment are our motivation to operate in the long-term and on a solid basis.

Through targeted research and excellent contacts with governments and NGOs, we enable ourselves and our shareholders to allocate projects so early that we are involved in the development and the project from the very beginning – because the closer you are to the well, the cleaner the water.

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