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Vive Health Celebrates Remarkably Positive Feedback for Wedge Pillow for Back and Leg Relief

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Sleeping completely flat is next to impossible for many people to do without experience discomfort or even pain. Vive Health designed a special Wedge Pillow to offer relief and the product has been a big success on

Naples, FL (PRUnderground) February 21st, 2020

Back and leg issues can come from injury, from work related-issues, or from age. Often, they hit hardest when a person is trying to sleep or rest, preventing them from being comfortable, negatively impact the amount of time they can recover and then leaving them stuck repeating the cycle the next day. The good news is a well-designed but each to use wellness product can often help, the Vive Health Wedge Pillow. The company, well known for their diverse selection of attractively priced and effective health products, recently celebrated all of the positive feedback the Wedge Pillow has received on

“There’s other wedge pillows but we saw how the design could be improved and where much better materials could be utilized in manufacturing ours,” remarked a spokesperson from Vive. “This attention to detail has paid off and our Vive Health Wedge Pillow has become a best seller in our product line both on Amazon and on our own website.”

Some highlights of the popular pillow include: having a four in one design which allows it to be used for the neck, back, leg or legs, and in many other places; being made of high-quality breathable memory foam; and having a removable, washable cover.

The product is covered by a full 100% satisfaction guarantee. Customers not happy with the wedge pillow can return it no questions asked and no headaches for a full refund.

Red Rosy, recently said in a five-star review, “I recently had lumbar spinal fusion and wanted to be able to sit up (as with a hospital bed) with support regular pillows couldn’t provide. I purchased this pillow because I could make it either a high or low incline or prop it upright for sitting in bed straight. I absolutely love it. It is a breeze to switch out the inclines just by flipping the little attached triangle piece. Because I was prohibited from leaning over, I especially liked the handle on this, which I could easily grab and pick up with my grabber (and it was lightweight enough not to cause any pain). A few months later and I still use this in bed when I’m on my laptop or reading. A bonus is the washable cover, which helps keep the pillow nice and clean. I recommend getting this pillow over any other pillow which gives you only one position with which to sit up. You’ll be pleased you did.”

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