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Vive Health Releases Eye-Opening YouTube Video of 5 Simple Stretches for Lumbar Herniated Disc & Low Back Pain

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Lower back injuries and pain is something that is incredibly common. What is less known is that some simple to learn lumbar stretches can really help – even for a herniated disk. Vive Health shares this wisdom in a new video.

Naples, FL (PRUnderground) February 22nd, 2020

Trying to manage life with a herniated disk or lower back pain coming from another reason can be both challenging and frustrating. Before doing something like resorting to potentially dangerous drugs, or over-taking OTC pain relievers, there’s fortunately another option available that helps many. Vive Health recently delivered this potentially life-changing information, with a complete easy to follow demonstration, in a new YouTube video “5 Simple Stretches for Lumbar Herniated Disc & Low Back Pain”. The video is free to watch and the results of these stretches when done on a regular basis is often quite remarkable.

“Often low back pain originates from tight muscles due to injury, like a herniated disk,” commented Licensed chiropractor, Nikki Bechtol, who educates about the topic and demonstrates the stretches in the video. “When this is addressed through a natural method like these simple stretches, the long-term benefits can be incredible. Many people see a return of increased mobility and the pain they thought they were stuck with starts to fade away.”

Vive Health explains that a herniated disc, also often referred to as a ruptured or slipped disc, is one of the most common sources of neck and back pain in people form all walks of life. In addition to pain, it often also causes numbness and weakness across the body.

Vive encourages the health conscious to watch this video, subscribe to the company’s YouTube Channel and visit their information-packed official website at

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