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Vive Launches Vive Lumbar Roll Cervical Cushion Support Pillow for Lower Back Pain Relief

Industry: Healthcare

Sitting improperly can cause lower back pain or make existing back pain much worse. Vive is responding to this need with the release of the new Vive Lumbar Roll pillow.

Naples, FL (PRUnderground) April 29th, 2020

Good posture isn’t just something for walking and standing. In fact, many people spend as much or more time sitting at work or in their car. And using improper posture in these cases can have a huge negative impact when it comes to pain and mobility. Lifestyle and wellness accessories leaders Vive have identified this issue and the company is doing its best to help, with the recent release of the Vive Lumbar Roll Cervical Cushion Support Pillow. The pillow can be used in the car, in the office, at home or anywhere else with a chair with a back. The relief is delivers to the lower back is often felt by users right away.

“We saw a huge need for a product that helped our customers find lower back relief,” commented a spokesperson from Vive. “Our Vive Lumbar Roll took serious research and trial to develop and the response has been amazing so far. For a low price like this, it can be truly life-changing.”

The lumbar roll is highlighted by a number of remarkable features: its powerful ability to remove back pain by correcting sitting posture and giving lumbar support; the pillow cab be attached to any chair in seconds; it features high-tech, premium-quality foam cushioning making it ultra-comfortable to sit on; and it has a breathable mesh covering, making it very hygeneinic and simple to clean.

The product comes backed by Vive’s no-hassle money back guarantee. The company is well-known for making sure customers are happy with its products or they can return them no problem.

Traci B., recently said in a five-star review, “I drive a motorcoach six days a week, eight hours plus a day. Finally, I found support for the curve of my back instead of sinking into a molded seat or cushions that merely soften the ache because my back is not straight. I sit straight in the seat and this lumbar roll relieves the ache in the small of my back. I am happy I found this!”

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