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(PRUnderground) March 1st, 2017

Fotolia_70866677_XSWe know many of you need to send dozens or even hundreds of press releases each month for your clients or your company, and we allow multiple newsrooms so you can manage multiple clients. We also do offer volume pricing for clients who can commit to a specific number of press releases each month. Note that this is for our core distribution service and NOT the PRuMax distribution plan. The core distribution service goes to Google News, Twitter, DigitalJournal.com and ~80+ news and TV websites (See sites).

  • Premium Plan: 6/month for $149 (~$24.83/release)
  • Prepaid 10-29 Releases/month: $33/release
  • Prepaid 30-99 Releases/month: $28/release
  • Prepaid 100+ Releases/month: $25/release

To further discuss volume pricing, contact help@PRunderground.com.

*Pricing subject to change in the future.

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