Wanderlost and Found Aims For Inspiring Conscious, Sustainable Consumerism

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Through their global network of artisans and suppliers, decor company promoting united front in sustainability

Sydney, Australia (PRUnderground) July 6th, 2020

In a market where various companies advocate for sustainable production methods and eco-friendliness, one company is working to bring people and producers together to make an influence on the world. Wanderlost and Found is a decor and accessories company offering items in categories including bed, bath, living room, kitchen, and dining decor, fine art, fashion, gifts, and toys, but what sets this company apart is their emphasis on the ethics and sustainability of product life cycles.

With their global network of artisans, crafters, and suppliers, Wanderlost and Found teams up with designers and makers around the world who create the website’s wide selection of limited edition, sustainably produced decor and accessories.

“We’re here to reshape ethical sourcing, production and manufacturing,” said the team at Wanderlost and Found. “We’re so much more powerful when we work together. We’re so much more effective when we support each other’s evolution instead of policing each other.”

The team at Wanderlost and Found isn’t just committed to providing an authentic array of home decor and accessories. Instead, they are focused on a bigger mission. They aim to educate consumers and manufacturers alike about product life cycles. Their goal is to help shoppers make wiser purchasing decisions so they can rest assured they are making sustainable investments with their hard earned dollars while also helping save the planet.

Wanderlost and Found is completely transparent, freely sharing information on their partnerships, suppliers, and mission with everyone who visits their website or social media. They also contribute profits to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. So every purchase on their store has a direct impact on the world. With over 6,500 impacts (and counting) Wanderlost and Found is helping shoppers see how their purchasing power can make real and significant change. By re-establishing boundaries and practices for ethical production and sustainability, Wanderlost and Found aims to recreate how individuals and companies work together for a sustainable product life cycle.

When shoppers visit the Wanderlost and Found website, they can shop style by design with ethics in mind. Their decor is mostly limited edition, offering the authenticity shoppers crave when decorating unique home and office spaces. Wanderlost and Found has been featured in a number of international publications and receives high reviews from customers on a routine basis. A recent customer had this to say about a recent print purchase: “I am delighted with the quality of this print, all as described. Shipping process was seamless. Thanks Wanderlost and Found! You are fast becoming my go-to for unique gifts and exotic photography prints.”

Customers receive free global shipping with their purchases and the peace of mind in knowing they’ve made a truly ethical purchasing decision. More information can be found at https://wanderlostandfound.com/.

About Wanderlost and Found

Wanderlost and Found offers ethically produced decor and accessories via a global network of artisans, crafters, and suppliers.

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