We stand by your side now, more than ever – Medphine, a prominent Medical Billing and Coding Service provider stands up in times of this pandemic

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Medphine extends it’s services to Providers, Hospitals, Clinics in need and promise a short and smooth Onboarding.

Fairfield, NJ (PRUnderground) April 17th, 2020

Medphine has been on the forefront of delivering exceptional services to the healthcare providers across the nation. We work with passion and walk with pride knowing that we work for a community full of compassionate people who not only save lives but also work really hard to help everyone achieve an improved quality of life, and this has never been more true than in these unprecedented times.

Today, when we see our doctors, nurses and other medical staff fighting tirelessly to save the ones affected with this global pandemic, it’s hard not to compare them with super-humans. Their uncanny ability to act selflessly in the middle of this crisis, without worrying about their own life knowing that the world is looking up-to them has turned them into saviors of mankind and a symbol of hope for everyone around the globe.

93% of world population is living in travel restricted countries, people are unable to continue with their normal lives, however cliché this may sound but actually – desperate times have called for desperate measures. COVID-19 has provoked the ire around the globe but the only way to fight is to not socially gather to fight, instead practice social-distancing so yes, in a metaphorical way the disease has brought the world to its knees. When we are staying inside our homes, health-care providers have made it their mission to eradicate the disease and fight like a vigilantes against the enemy that Corona is.

We Salute all the providers and their courage! You stand with your head held high and fight day and night to win the battle for us, we cannot thank you enough for the sacrifices you are making, but what we can do is to support you.

Nobody had asked for this, expected this or let alone was prepared for this, but now when it’s here – everyone is contributing their bit to win this over and supporting the provider community as “you” the healthcare providers are leading the way.

Medphine started providing Medical Billing Outsourcing services with a vision to stand by our providers and become an integral part of the care you provide. We are so grateful for the opportunities we received and the love that transcended into many great relationships that still continue to flourish, our achievements have formed the foundation of a faith that inspires the confidence and pavé the way for new challenges.

We want to extend the Gratitude towards all the providers and let you know that you can always count on Medphine for the promises we have made to keep your practices in the best financial state without you having to break a sweat for coding, billing or denial related issues.

We are observing a new shift as more and more providers are now integrating telemedicine and helping patients stay indoors to eliminate the spread – we are also observing varied billing guidelines in different states and acceptance for new communication mediums qualifying as tele-visits. We know how this can be overwhelming but we encourage you to focus on the front line to help the patients using telemedicine, as we are ready to back you up with the needed reinforcements – streamline your billing process and make it adept to the new reimbursement methodologies focused on telemedicine services.

Reetu Singh, CEO with her team at Medphine, have dedicated their time in learning the nuances of telemedicine billing and are ready to stand by your side and support you with the best of our abilities. She wants to pass on the message that “We are working closely with our providers and have successfully transitioned new billing projects for providers who were hesitant to take the step due to the current COVID-19 situation. We understand how overwhelming this can be for provider-owned practices to not operate at their full strength and unable to find a reliable solution to gain full billing efficiency. Medphine stands beside all providers to fulfill any of your billing or coding requirement regardless the size and specialty of your practice, so not matter if you are big or small, primary care or specialty services, chiropractors or neurologists, orthopedics or oncologists we are always here to support you and keep you practice in the best financial shape like always.

We are committed to comply with need of the hour and are now leading our team virtually from remote but secure environments, which have been created by integrating our proprietary tools and leveraging state of the art technology to establish a HIPAA compliant infrastructure, this not only provide integrity of PHI but also helps us ensure safety of our team members and provide them the best chance to contribute their bit in the fight against Corona.

We want you know that we are always by your side to take care of you, and help you and your staff with all the support you need to manage and crate a thriving health-care practice that provides utmost patient care and satisfaction, and has the best revenue performance with Medphine as its strategic billing partner.

About Medphine.com

Founded in 2013 Medphine works as a leading strategic outsourcing partner for healthcare providers including Hospital based Provider Groups, Independent Providers, FQHC, ACO, MSO, Rural Health Clinics, etc. to bring efficiency to their Revenue Cycle Operations through its expert Medical Coding and Billing services, and ancillary services from the front desk to the back office.

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