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Web Activism Provides Platform for People to Rise against Bad People and Bad Companies

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Non-profit, crowdfunded platform lets people speak their mind against extortion, fraud, and other malicious activity

Dongio, Switzerland (PRUnderground) August 17th, 2016

The team at Web Activism has announced their official launch. Now, people who want to rise against cyber fraud, extortion, and other malicious activity have an online community where they can be heard.

According to a spokesperson for Web Activism, “We are dedicated to preserving free speech, and our platform helps people raise their voice against issues such as corruption, cybercrime,
and bad businesses.”

At Web Activism, people can speak their minds freely without having to worry about information security, finances, resources, legal procedures, technical support, confidentiality, and personal safety. “If someone wants to expose a fraud or scam, we offer a platform where people can educate others and encourage other whistleblowers to step out of the shadows,”
said the Web Activism team.

For instance, if someone wants to investigate illegal businesses, political issues, or social problems, Web Activism offers resources for doing so. Whether someone is heated about a particular issue or has been personally affected by it, Web Activism makes it possible for them to learn more and effectively, safely do something about it.

The platform provides Justice Hosting™, a service in which new and current online activists can get a secured website for their causes. The hosting service comes with consulting, a free website set up and installation, free domain registration, free hosting, iron-walled security, and other features. To get their free website, online activists must submit a proposal, website information, and individual information.

When activists join Web Activism, they are welcomed into the non-profit’s free community. The community includes valuable resources, including Justice Hosting and authorship on the Web
Activism blog.

The security experts behind Web Activism recognize that open channels of communication are what stop people from speaking their mind about malicious people and companies. At Web Activism, people are encouraged to share their experiences, and the organization’s team stands behind members by offering top-notch security. The team has more than two decades of experience in IT security and ensure that hackers’ objectives are combated with leading-edge security technology.

Members’ IP addresses are never stored, and their identity and other details are also never kept. This ensures that information cannot be stolen.

The Web Activism team is proud to offer comprehensive support for people who want to rise against bad people and companies. The organization’s team recognizes that the internet has made it easier for extortionists, criminals, and fraudsters to hide, but the team at Web Activism is excited to offer an online hub for people who want to fight back. Whether people want to vent about fraud or pursue investigations about cyber security or other issues, the Web Activism platform provides a safe place to do so. More information can be found at https://webactivism.com.


Web Activism is a non-profit, crowdfunded campaign that provides support for online activism
and citizen movements. Web Activism’s platform offers people a place to come forward and
speak their mind against fraud, extortion, bad companies, and bad people.

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