Web-Connected Set To Debut Virtualized Remote Collaboration Platform In July 2020

Industry: Cloud Computing

Web-Based Platform Will Transform How The Entertainment Industry Will Function Post-COVID-19 With Remote Collaboration

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) June 16th, 2020

Web-connected today announced the upcoming launch of their new versatile cloud-based collaboration platform that connects individuals and web-based devices anytime, anywhere, and at any scale. Available July 15, 2020, Web-connected’s revolutionary technology is poised to transform the global media entertainment production industry by serving as the ideal internet solution needed in order to run self-contained production sets from anywhere in the world during the COVID-19 epidemic. 

“The COVID-19 health crisis is one of the greatest threats we have experienced in our lifetime and no business sector will be left unscathed in its wake, including the entertainment industry,” said Michael Mansouri, founding team member of Web-connected. “The outbreak caused production sets to shut down worldwide as it was no longer safe and has left the industry in need of solutions in order to operate once again. Web-connected will be that solution and meet entertainment industry demands. Our proprietary platform connects directors, producers, clients, and others with their contained and distanced set with ease and efficiency and allows users to do far more than a traditional web conference call.”

Tailored to run virtual production sets, Web-connected will allow teams to easily collaborate with cameras, sound, lighting, editorial and VFX software, and other internet-connected devices through a simple web-link from anywhere. Meeting the high standards needed by the entertainment and media industry, Web-connected will combine the highest quality video and audio with full connectivity and control at ultra-low latency speeds. 

To use Web-connected, no specialized hardware or software is required. Users can connect seamlessly and intuitively through a shared web link from any web browser and any platform. The same web link can connect devices such as desktops, laptops, AR/VR devices, TV, mobile, theaters, and more. Furthermore, Web-connected offers full end-to-end encryption guaranteeing the highest level of security. 

Along with the media and entertainment production industry, Web-connected is also ideal for education, healthcare, design, fashion, trade shows, conferences, live music events, surveillance, and other industries that require a vast number of connected IoT devices and software. Relevant Web-connected features for industries such as education include file sharing, presentation, interactive text, voice, video, and much more.

Web-connected will be available to the public beginning on July 15, 2020. Users can choose from three different plans based on their needs beginning at $39.95 per month.

For more information and a tutorial video on Web-connected’s technology, visit www.web-connected.com

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