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Newmarket, Canada (PRUnderground) March 20th, 2023

Pregnancy is an important part of every woman’s life. Your body goes through various changes to accommodate the growing baby and the utmost care should be taken to help support this process. During this time, there are a variety of options available for taking care of yourself. Chiropractic Care is a great choice as it is drug-free and, most importantly, a natural way to support optimal functioning of the body. Dr. Danielle Warner, DC, B.H.Sc (HON) — Foster Family Chiropractic & Associates, the winner of the ThreeBestRated® award for “Best Chiropractor” wants to make people understand the merits of choosing chiropractic care. She has briefed “Webster Technique” which is a technique to aid pregnant women who are experiencing discomfort due to imbalances in the pelvis. Here is what she says,

Webster Technique

The Webster Technique is a gentle ligament release & adjusting protocol that has been shown to be effective in reducing in-utero constraint. In-utero constraint is due to the transfer of tension that may exist across the uterine/abdominal area from stress imposed upon it from surrounding ligaments and improper sacral (pelvic) position. It has been associated with a high incidence of fetuses that are in breech or abnormal fetal position.

If in-utero constraint is determined to be present, the Webster Technique is implemented to remove the restraining forces, thus may allow the baby to establish the preferred head-down position. It’s that easy!


The success rate of the Webster Technique is comparatively higher than other methods in practice. Some of the maternal benefits of the Webster technique may include,

⦁ Increased comfort.

⦁ Reduction in stress level.

⦁ Good improvement in digestion and elimination.

⦁ Improved pelvic and sacral alignment.

⦁ Relief of low back and sciatic pain.

Improved oxygen and blood flow, increased space and good positioning of the baby are among the fetal potential benefits of the process, says the expert.

Consulting a chiropractor like Dr. Danielle Warner, DC, B.H.Sc (HON) — Foster Family Chiropractic & Associates can help remove some of the stressors often experienced during pregnancy and allow you to enjoy the process.

Dr. Danielle Warner, DC, B.H.Sc (HON) — Foster Family Chiropractic & Associates

Dr. Danielle Warner is the owner and clinic director of Foster Family Chiropractic & Associates. She graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Her chiropractic practice is focused primarily on providing families with the opportunity to grow in health through improved nervous system function. Having many years of experience working with women throughout their pregnancies and then beyond with their babies, she can help support you in this very important time of life. She has also lectured extensively on various health-related topics, facilitating many workshops and educational seminars.

Foster Family Chiropractic is a family-focused Chiropractic Clinic in Newmarket. They provide a targeted approach to help you through life’s milestones. Their focus is on working with you to help get you back to feeling healthy and happy. Healing begins the moment you enter their space. Their team of trained chiropractors makes your well-being the top priority by connecting you to the services and resources you need. You and your family deserve to live well, experience growth, and attain the ultimate expression of who you are. They don’t just work for you; they work with you. Go and experience their collaborative approach to your care. Book an appointment for all of your chiropractic needs at https://fosterchiropractic.com/

“The exposure and recognition after being listed on ThreeBestRated® are insane. It is because of their special 50-Point Inspection which picks the deserved ones. Their press release for promotion of services also plays a key role in it.”, says the expert on the award. Visit Foster Family Chiropractic & Associates for chiropractic care, spinal cord and peripheral nerves, torque release technique, subluxation, neurological disturbance & webster technique treatments.

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