WHAM! POW! KABOOM! Adriana Piltz: A Real American Hero Fights for the Disabled

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Adriana Piltz, CEO of Nicky's Gardens of Hope fights to create homes, jobs, and dignity for disabled adults and their families in Hudson County New York.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) August 31st, 2020

Nicky’s Gardens of Hope is a new organization that plans to build homes for disabled adults in New York’s Hudson Valley. Adriana Piltz, the organization’s CEO, is completing a feasibility study for the project. Adriana has identified funders for round 1 of the project and is seeking additional donors for phase 2. It’s a big project and sometimes even good deeds require heroic efforts.

August 26th was Women’s Equality Day. Many wrongs are still left to be righted, but 2020 shows particular hope for women’s rights in America. Women are still paid $10,000 less than their male counterparts, but this is the smallest wage gap ever. Only a quarter of the members of the Congress and the Senate are women, but this too is a record. And while just 7% of Fortune 500 companies have a female CEO, it is the greatest equality ever seen in the board room. Even Hollywood, renowned for underpaying and exploiting women, is expecting two female-led movies to be the biggest Blockbusters of the year- “Wonder Woman” and “BlackWidow”. It was almost anti-climactic when a black woman was nominated by the Democratic Party as Vice-President of the United States. What else can happen in 2020?

Well, not all superwomen are born on Themyscira. Most have more humble beginnings. Like Adriana Piltz. Adriana was born on a farm near Košice in Slovakia. In her early 20s, she wanted more and came to America on her own. She learned English, got a job in food services, graduated from college, become an American citizen, and became the President of a Wall Street firm before she was 40. But superheroes all have secret identities. By day Adriana is a captain of industry in New York City, but by night she returns to the suburbs to become her son’s mother and caregiver. Nicky was born with Tuberous Sclerosis Syndrome, which caused tumors to grow throughout his brain. He is now 21 years old, but he will always have the mind of a 6-month-old child.

There are millions of Nickys in the US and millions of families deal with Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled children. Their supermoms and super dads must find ways to care for them. When their IDD child becomes an IDD adult at 21 years old, all of their benefits are taken away and families must start over again and find services. Some services, like placement in an apartment or home, have waiting lists of up to 15 years. Who is the villain that steals services away from these families? His name is… Cliff, the most feared name for any IDD family. Facing the Cliff, parents must deal with a fractured service system where the slightest mistake could cost a child the necessary services they need for the rest of their lives. But never fear, a supermom is fighting for their cause.

In 2018 Adriana decided to give up her Wall Street career and build Nicky, and all the other Nickys, a place to live, the service that he needs, a job, and dignity for the individual and the family. And it would be called Nicky’s Gardens of Hope. “I don’t have a cape, and there is no big light in the sky to call me. But I do have a Nicky’s Gardens t-shirt, and I can give you my phone number. There are so many families, with so many stories, that need help. There was never enough money, and now after COVID-19, there will be even fewer providers. This is such a tremendous burden on the families. It is just so unfair. But this is the situation. We must do something. I MUST do something. These families don’t just need services, they need justice. Nicky’s Gardens of Hope is building a location in the Hudson Valley, in New York State, to create permanent homes for IDD Adults. I may not have superpowers, but if I could have a superpower it would be immortality. Not so that I could live forever. So that I could sleep at night knowing that someone would always be there to look after Nicky. Every supermom has nightmares about what will happen once they pass away, and their children have no defense against a system that doesn’t work.”

How can you join Adriana’s fight? “I’m down to a shortlist of properties. I have investors who will get me started. But this is a lifetime battle, and the Hudson Valley is the first of what I hope will be many Nicky’s Gardens. I want to reach out to Impact Investors looking for a profitable and scalable investment, to healthcare workers who want to build their careers in a firm that cares about them, to other service providers who need a trusted partner, and most of all to families that need homes for their children. My lawyer is going to kill me for copyright infringement but I just have to say it, if we can pull all these supporters together, THAT would be a real Justice League.”

To get involved and learn more, contact Adriana Piltz and the Nicky’s Gardens of Hope team at adrianap@ngohllc.com or by phone at (914) 440-4751.

About Nicky’s Gardens of Hope

Nicky’s Gardens of Hope is a welcoming, home community who’s environment is attuned to the living care of autistic and intellectually developmentally disabled adults and their families. It is dedicated to providing a revolutionary level of care for America’s rapidly growing and aging Autistic and IDD population. It integrates and interacts with the local community to bring dignity to everyday life for residents, family, friends, and visitors. It allows residents opportunities to participate in work therapy that can lead to employment opportunities. It provides a unique B corporation model as a channel for both donations and impact investment for social good and financial returns. It actively engages to incubate new business that creates additional revenue streams and make the garden bloom.

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