What Should You Do After An Accident? – Explains a ThreeBestRated® Personal Injury Lawyer From Moncton

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Moncton, New Brunswick (PRUnderground) January 25th, 2023

None of us can describe how life could be after an accident. It is an unexpected moment in life that anyone can go through at any time. When the accident happened due to other’s negligence, you as a victim have all the rights to sue or claim compensation. However, in that situation, anyone will stumble upon not knowing what to do next.

To know this, we reached out to Stephane, a ThreeBestRated® award-winning personal injury lawyer from Moncton. He goes on to explain the actions to be taken following an accident.

  • The first thing is to get yourself and the occupants of your vehicle checked at the hospital or by your family physician.
  • Sometimes you may not feel the pain or the injury immediately after the accident. However, it is necessary to verify with a doctor to make sure that nothing is wrong with you.
  • After that, you should report the accident to the police if they did not attend the scene of the accident.
  • If you need to make an insurance claim, you will need a police report number or occurrence number.
  • Then you should verify with a lawyer to know what are your rights and what you should do under the particular circumstances of your case.
  • This final step is the crucial one; you may be unaware of certain time limits to exercise your claim and any such delays may result in you losing your rights to receive certain compensation for damages that you have suffered.
  • In addition, insurance companies are represented by and have access to experts, and so should you.

The above-said steps will help you to exercise your claim and benefits after an accident – says the lawyer.

Get to know Stéphane Viola – Bossé Viola LeBlanc Law Firm :

Stéphane Viola founded the Bossé Viola LeBlanc in 1998. Since it is a boutique law firm in personal injury and insurance law, they are a team of skilled lawyers who can offer clients the best possible services. “Our goal is always to achieve the best results for the clients based on their needs and demands” -says Stephane.

This team consists of dedicated bilingual staff who can address all the clients’ needs promptly. As they emphasize customer-oriented service, they strive to provide the best service by prioritizing the clients’ interest in decision-making. The soundness of this firm is that they will have two fully committed lawyers for every case they deal with. By adopting new communication platforms, they facilitate their clients to communicate directly through texts and to have periodic updates on the platforms themselves.

And, obviously, this is what made them ahead of the competition and to knock down the rigorous 50-Point Inspection of ThreeBestRated® to be honored as one of the top three personal injury lawyers in Moncton, NB subsequently for the fourth time.

When Stéphane says about being one of the top three “It is this attention to your personal needs instead of a generic approach to all our cases that makes us different from the rest of the competition”. So to get their assistance in your personal injury litigation, tap here: https://www.bosseviolaleblanc.com/

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