What Success Looks Like at Glance Technologies

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Leaders share their insights into the success of the company, including the opportunity within the restaurant industry.

Vancouver, B.C. (PRUnderground) June 4th, 2018

The Idea

From start-up to global enterprise, Glance Technologies is making mobile payments mainstream. Uber and Starbucks have helped popularize mobile payments – but as you know: They only work if you’re using Uber or at Starbucks.

Glance Pay is focusing first on the close to $800 billion restaurant industry (American Restaurant Association, 2017) and already has hundreds of locations in Canada and the United States.

“We are looking at mobile payments in a big way, not just Canada, not just the U.S., but globally with mobile payments that are accessible and useable by anyone,” said Desmond Griffin, Co-founder and CEO of Glance Technologies.  “We are revolutionizing payments and rewards using leading edge technologies such as mobile and blockchain.”

The Success

Glance Pay operates under a SaaS revenue model which is well-received by customers and investors. Restaurants like the speed of the app which allows customers to pay at their table when they’re ready, so the table can be turned faster. They also like that their customers like it, never feel like they’re “waiting to pay,” and ultimately have a better experience because of it.  “We’ve only just started out,” said Angela Griffin, Glance Technologies’ Chief Technology Officer. “There are so many verticals and avenues we can take to expand our product and to basically make it irresistible to merchants and users alike.”

The Team

Desmond Griffin leads the company with the experience he gained at his first company, PaybyPhone, which expanded to process tens of millions of mobile payments annually for millions of consumers in over 100 cities around the world and grew to be the largest worldwide mobile payment solution when he sold it in 2011.  “Desmond and Angela have the experience, they’ve seen how business has changed”, said Paola Ashton, Glance Technologies’ Vice President of Business and Client Development. “We have attracted – because of them – this top tier talent, coming from LinkedIn, coming from Disney and Electronic Arts.” The makeup of the team was no accident. Desmond has assembled a dream team of passionate, motivated and highly intelligent people to take Glance Technologies into the future. He says, “It’s extremely unique and I think its something that really motivates all the employees here.”

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