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What’s on Sports introduces the $2 Sports Club and signs “The Sports Trader”

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Jacksonville, FL (PRUnderground) February 26th, 2021

Following the lead of traditional media, sports media outlets across the country have been following the same path of creating entire sports narratives around a tweet or an unconfirmed source, leaving sports fans wanting more.

Along came What’s on Sports, a truly different kind of sports publisher, offering views on sports that are not the same old same old.

“We wanted to put the sports back into sports media and bring entertaining spins and “what if” scenarios that might really happen to the forefront.” said Lance Fernandez, who left Fox Sports to take the job as managing editor of the now popular site “Thus far, the reception for what we are doing has been amazing”

“We also wanted to create an environment where creators and journalists could express their opinions and do so to an audience that truly appreciated their opinion.” Fernandez continued. “And now, we have given creators a way to do that with a unique way to compensate those folks based on the following they have and supplies them with a haven to write what they want, when they want..”

What’s on Sports is still offering their free version of the site for those that are interested in edgy sports perspectives, but now with the $2 Sports Club, fans have been enjoying some of the most unique sports content on the web today.

But the $2 Club needed star power so the first big signing Fernandez made was “The Sports Trader”, John Todora.

Todora will offer free seminars on sports analytics as well as pen a weekly article for the site on current trends and inside information. Subscribers will also get a free digital copy of his new book, “The ScoreMetrics Secret” which outlines his approach to sports data analytics.

The club will also feature off beat special guests for live interviews where the members get to ask the questions, including Michael Franseze, a former mob boss with the Genevese family, along with others.

For more from What’s on Sports and to check out the $2 Sports Club, go to

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What’s on Sports is a division of Sports Pub Media, LLC, based in Jacksonville, Florida and a subsidiary of Invest Pub, a leader in Financial Services.

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