When is the Right Time to Get an Electric Bike?

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Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) March 15th, 2023

The folding electric bike is considered to be one of the most innovative new electric vehicles. Their emergence has brought modern travel to a new stage of development, especially for urban commuters and RV travelers, with excellent utility and portability.

Many are waiting for a best time to buy an electric bike.  Actually, it’s hard to have an exact or perfect time. Apart from the market price, other factors can influence whether or not it is the best time to buy a bike. These factors include local market conditions, specific demands and personal preferences.  But regardless of the factors that influence it, buying an electric folding bike is one of the best decision that you can make. This article will take people further into understanding electric bikes and the best time to purchase them, which may save you a lot of money.

1.Why people need electric bikes?

E-bikes have become a convenient and effective mode of transportation for short-distance urban travel. In many cases, the use of them can get you to the office or home faster than walking and driving, and it’s also a great option for car travel or public transportation. A perfect example of an electric folding bike is the HIPEAK ELIAS, which is powerful, versatile and offers many benefits:

1.1 Avoiding traffic jam

Modern cities are becoming more and more cowered, and if one lives or works in a city, then one may need an electric bike to escape the traffic jams. Folding bike is light and flexible, so even if there are many cars on the road, they can be easily controlled. Therefore, it is considered an effective means of transportation because it helps cyclists to reach destinations with little or no delay.

1.2 A passive form of exercise

Keeping healthy is the foundation of all life. However, very few people have the extra money and time to go to the gym regularly. Given this situation, people can exercise in a passive way on their way to and from work. The HIPEAK ELIAS’s 7-stage pedal assist provides a boost to workouts, preventing injury and running out of battery too quickly.

1.3 affordable means of transportation

Electric bikes were thought to be expensive in the past, but this is no longer the case. Partly because the governments have encouraged the use of electric vehicles, and partly because technology has improved, manufactures such as HIPEAK have been able to produce high-quality and affordable electric folding bikes. In addition to cheaper prices, electric bikes can also save people a large amount of money on gasoline during use.

2.How to determine the best purchase time

After choosing your favorite model and considering the discount or sales online, you can determine if now is the best time to buy by referring to the following methods.

2.1 waiting for a discount

Some brands offer additional incentives for the purchase of specific models of electric bikes. They will keep updating their ongoing offers, and to ensure that you can receive the latest information on prices and discounts, you can open the notification from their company website.

2.2 consider your financial ability

Electric bikes are a necessity for everyday life and worth every investment. If you have savings now, you don’t need to wait for discounts or sale period, and you can also choose to buy from a wider price range. If you are not financially well-off for the time being, you can choose a more cost-effective brand. As the representatives of the ultimate value for money, HIPEAK has been providing people with high-performance electric folding bikes at cheap prices. At the same time, HIPEAK will often provide people with purchase discounts.

2.3 consider lower market price

You should research the available options until you’re sure you’re getting the best offer – compare the selling prices of different retailers and brands and choose a fair price.  Of course, you should maintain quality at a reasonable price to ensure that you get your money’s worth. Since you’re considering low prices, it’s important to keep in mind effective strategies to help you buy an inexpensive, high-quality e-bike – consider the cost of buying e-bike parts from the same manufacturing brand, and it will be easier to replace worn parts if the parts are inexpensive and easily available. Therefore, please make sure that company or brand products can be delivered quickly to your state or region.

Brand model with modern functions such as LCD should be taken into account. This display helps riders understand important information about the e-bike’s speed, among other things.

There is also the cheaper DIY method of upgrading a conventional bike to electric bike. Make sure you get a high quality DIY kit and read the installation process carefully.

3.The best season to purchase an electric bike

Both spring and winter are ideal times to purchase an electric bike. Here are a few reasons why you should get and electric folding bike for each season.

3.1 Spring

Spring is good season to travel, folding fat tire bicycle can meet different scenes, diverse functions can also meet different travel needs. For many people, spring is commonly a time of exploration. Compared with traditional bicycles, electric bikes can help people carry more stuff on short trips or panics.  For example, HIPEAK ELIAS up to 350 pounds of maximum load capacity can easily carry a family of food.

Because of the gradual increase in temperature and humidity in urban areas in spring, it may be a little difficult for people who engage in outdoor activities. As a passive sport, people can still ride bikes during their daily commute.

In order to expand their market share, many brand will gain the market through various discounts in spring, and consumers can get a special discount.

3.2 Winter

People are less inclined to engage in outdoor activities in winter. However, riding a fat tire electric bike encourages people to get outside by pedaling. The rider only needs to use a little effort to ride comfortably.

Riding electric bikes allow people to stay active and worm even in cold weather, making it a healthy and effective way to get around.

Winter is the peak of carbon emissions. The use of electric bikes can reduce car use and exhaust emissions, achieving energy conservation and emission reduction, and alleviating excessive winter pollution.

In winter there are discount days such as Christmas season and Black Friday where you can enjoy discounted prices.

4. Conclusion

After learning how to determine the best time and season to buy an electric bike, many may be considering buying now. Indeed, now is really the best time to buy a folding e-bike.  But in buying process, you should remember that needs and preferences are different.  Choose an electric bike based on your actual needs and what is can offer you, rather than simply buying based on how well known the bike is.


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