Which One Should You Choose, HIPEAK Fat Tire Electric Bike or Light Motorcycle?

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To help people make the wisest decision, this article will provide a detailed comparison between electric fat tire bicycles and lightweight motorcycles and highlight some of their differences.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) April 7th, 2023

As urban roads become more crowded, the small and flexible mode of transportation has become increasingly popular. Electric fat tire bicycles and lightweight motorcycles are both popular options as they can provide convenient transportation over short distances. However, many people often struggle to choose between the two when selecting the appropriate mode of transportation.

To help people make the wisest decision, this article will provide a detailed comparison between electric fat tire bicycles and lightweight motorcycles and highlight some of their differences.

What is an electric bike?

Electric bikes are bicycles with electric motors. They usually use batteries to provide power to assist human pedaling. Electric bicycles can greatly reduce the physical burden of riding and do not produce harmful substances such as carbon dioxide during travel. Therefore, they are considered an environmentally friendly, healthy, and cost-effective way of transportation.

Currently, different types of electric bicycles have been developed, including city electric bicycles, electric fat tire bicycles, mountain electric bicycles, and folding electric bicycles, among others. Different types of electric bicycles are suitable for different purposes, such as urban commuting, leisure riding, and mountain off-road cycling. With the increasing demand for convenient modes of transportation and the growing awareness of environmental protection, the electric bicycle industry will only continue to expand in the future.

Some concerns about electric bike

Adult electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and we have also summarized some concerns of beginners. Before making a purchase, it is best for us to discuss these considerations worth considering together.

Driving school

As is well known, in order for people to legally drive cars or motorcycles on the road, they must first go to driving school to learn and take a driving test. However, for electric bikes, these processes are not necessary. Like traditional bicycles, they can be ridden on the road directly after being purchased.

Licensing and Registration

As mentioned earlier, riding an electric bicycle does not require going to driving school to learn, and naturally, no driver’s license is required. In addition, in most states in the United States, riders are not required to register their electric bicycles as motor vehicles. Therefore, you can start riding your electric bicycle as soon as you receive it. Of course, specific regulations can be consulted with the traffic management department in your place of residence.


There is no law in the United States that requires riders to insure their adult electric bicycles. However, if you do not want to suffer losses from your electric fat-tire bicycle being robbed or stolen, it is still recommended that you consider purchasing insurance.

Parking lot

Although bicycle parking lots are not as dense as those for cars, there are still many parking spots that can ensure the safety of your bicycle. Of course, if you have a HiPeak folding electric bicycle, it may be more convenient. The HiPeak BONA electric folding bicycle weighs only twenty kilograms and its foldable design allows it to be easily stored in a car trunk and narrow apartment spaces.


Like all vehicles, electric bicycles also need regular maintenance to ensure safety and functionality. However, compared to cars and motorcycles, the maintenance cost of electric bicycles is much lower – about $75 per year, which is affordable for most people.

What is an lightweight motorcycle?

Lightweight motorcycles refer to small motorcycles with a displacement between 50cc and 125cc and a weight not exceeding 150 kilograms. They are usually easier to operate and control than high-displacement motorcycles, and are suitable for short-distance rides in cities. Lightweight motorcycles can use gasoline or electricity as a power source, and in some areas, specific types of driver’s licenses or age restrictions are required to drive them.

Some concerns about light motorcycle

Just like with electric bicycles, before purchasing, let’s explore some of the considerations that are worth considering when it comes to lightweight motorcycles.

Driving school

Although some people may think that going to driving school is not necessary, if you want to ride your lightweight motorcycle on the road fully legally, it is best to spend around $28 to attend a driving school. The specific cost depends on the state and city you are in.

Vehicle registration

Unlike electric bikes, almost all states in the US require you to register your lightweight motorcycle before riding it. The registration fees range from $100 to $150, depending on the state and location.


Getting insurance for your light motorcycle is definitely not a bad idea. Especially when the engine of your light motorcycle is relatively large, insurance can help prevent accidents to the maximum extent.


For gasoline-powered lightweight motorcycles, both the probability of failure and maintenance costs are higher than those of electric bicycles. Of course, the initial condition of the motorcycle, driving habits, and driving environment are all important factors that affect vehicle maintenance.

Advantages of electric bikes over lightweight motorcycles

Nowadays, more and more people are abandoning lightweights in favor of electric bikes because the latter have advantages in many ways.

Riding experience: Lightweight motorcycles are more like motorcycles, while electric bikes can provide a similar experience to standard bikes and much more comfortable with lower levels of fatigue.

Available locations: Electric bicycles and traditional bicycles are similar and can enter most parks and motor vehicle restricted areas. Like the HiPeak BONA fat tire electric bike, it can not only be used for commuting within the city, but also for some off-road trips in the outskirts of the city. However, lightweight motorcycles can only travel on regular roads and cannot enter and exit most places freely like electric bicycles.

Maintenance cost: Although the maintenance costs of both types of vehicles are much cheaper than those of ordinary cars, trucks, or SUVs. But obviously, from the perspective of the operating principle of the two, compared with lightweight motorcycles, the maintenance cost of electric bicycles is lower.

Riding requirements: Like other vehicles, in order to legally ride a lightweight motorcycle, you must first go to driving school, take the exam, and obtain a driver’s license. On the other hand, for the HiPeak BONA folding fat tire electric bike, you only need to spend a few minutes installing it after receiving it, and you can legally ride it on the road.

Environmental attributes: In fact, electric bikes are an effective environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline-powered lightweight, as they do not emit any harmful substances during operation.

Finding the most suitable fat tire e-bike for you – HiPeak

Despite being the most popular choice for commuters for a long time, the position of lightweight motorcycles is gradually being replaced by electric bicycles.

With technological advances, in terms of power, the HiPeak BONA’s 750W high-power motor provides power that is comparable to most lightweight motorcycles. Additionally, BONA has many advanced features that most lightweight motorcycles do not have, such as its 7-level pedal assist which allows riders to adjust the power level freely based on their physical condition, and its 48v 15ah high-capacity lithium battery provides a range of up to 60 miles, which brings unparalleled riding pleasure to riders.

If you’re looking for a suitable fat tire folding electric bike, HiPeak is sure to never disappoint you. They have always provided users with the most cost-effective electric fat tire bikes, a folding electric bike that can be used for many years.

Of course, your ultimate decision to choose an electric bike or a light motorcycle depends on which function can bring the greatest benefits to your needs and lifestyle. But no matter which way you choose, it’s a good investment.


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