Why Beaustar K-Beauty Influencer Tabitha Fell in Love with CURECODE Neuromide Ampoule For Extreme Dryness and Ultra-Sensitive Skin

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K-Beauty Influencer, Tabitha praises CURECODE Neuromide Ampoule as the intensive K-Beauty product that “makes the dream of skin come true in one drop.” Keep reading to find out why the ampoule earned such high praise.

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) June 14th, 2021

The Beaustar influencers in South Korea are the gold standard for skin care reviews in South Korea. Recently, Tabitha, a Beaustar blogger and Instagram influencer with more than seven-thousand followers, reviewed CURECODE Neuromide Ampoule on her beauty and fashion blog. CURECODE is K-Beauty’s first ever “smart” skin care with the patented super ceramide formula Neuromide and triple-biotics, formulated to stimulate the healing properties within the skin’s own biome for faster calming and skin barrier restoration.

“When the seasons change, my skin becomes dry and difficult,” wrote Tabitha. “This ampoule is filled with highly nutritious ingredients. It’s also very easily absorbed and never becomes sticky. These qualities are crucial when caring for such extremely dry skin that is also ultra-sensitive. I also use it on my little ones’ skin because it is so light and gentle and absorbs s quickly. We are all so happy with the results on our skin.”

Neuromide, a bio-identical metabolite of the skin-gut microbiome, works with the skin’s own built-in recovering process to help rapid skin barrier recovery from dryness and sensitivity, is concentrated in the ampoule at a dose of 4000ppm. In addition to Neuromide, the ampoule contains Tri-Biotics (Pre- / Pro- / Post-Biotics) help create a microbiome environment for healthy skin.

The ampoule is also formulated with a complex of  skin soothing ingredients such as Aquatide, a peptide component that promotes healthy, rapid cell renewal and removal of dead cells and Resveratrol, the compound found in red grapes that also produces the process of cell reneweal, Panthenol, that when absorbed by the skin is converted into vitamin B5, which helps moisturize to relieve the tightness from dry skin, in addition to a complex of skin-soothing and nourishing St. John’s Wort, Centella Asiatica, Allantoin and Adenosine, all known for centuries as containing properties to soothe and refresh skin’s appearance.

More information and a complete ingredients list can be found on the product’s Dermartology.com webpage.

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