Why Beaustar Mommy Blogger Ann Fell in Love with CURECODE Double Barrier Lotion for Her Combination Skin

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CURECODE Double Barrier Lotion is fast earning its place on the go to dry, sensitive skincare routines of some of K-Beauty’s most exclusive influencers. K-Beauty influencer and mommy blogger, Ann, found relief and help for her troubled skin barrier. Here’s why.

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) August 23rd, 2021

The Beaustar influencers in South Korea are the gold standard for skin care reviews in South Korea. Recently, Ann, a Beaustar mommy blogger reviewed CURECODE Double Barrier Lotion on her blog, Inspirational Parenting, having bought it to try for her skin, overdry from years of acne treatments and breakouts. CURECODE Double Barrier Lotion is K-Beauty’s first ever “smart” skin care with the patented super ceramide formula Neuromide and triple-biotics, formulated  to help faster calming and skin barrier restoration.

“Both my parents had acne issues so it was destined that I would have acne too. My struggle with acne was made worse by having a seborrheic scalp as well. For over 20 years I struggled with these issues. If I even just scratched an itch, my skin would become red and irritated,” wrote Kim in the introduction of her review. “Now that I’m in my mid-thirties, much of those problems have calmed down, but they did have a long-term effect. My poor skin barrier gets easily irritated and very dry yet also oily. I need special care for my skin barrier, which is why I bought CURECODE Double Barrier Lotion to try it.”

Kim was very impressed by the stringent safety regulations CURECODE provides as well as the high EWR rating that ensures the product is planet-friendly. With these important factors in place, she went on to apply CURECODE Double Barrier Lotion. “I thought it wouldn’t be strong enough because it’s a lotion and creams tend to be stronger. However, I often can’t use creams because my skin is also oily. I was pleasantly surprised at how packed with moisturization this lighter lotion is! It spreads so evenly and absorbs well into the skin without any greasiness. It has also gotten my skin through the change of seasons. Because of all the treatments in the past, the change of weather causes my skin to become suddenly very dry and the CURECODE Double Barrier Lotion made it feel much better. I am very satisfied.”

CURECODE Double Barrier Lotion contains an arsenal of intensive skin care ingredients, including patented Neuromide, formulated to acts like postbiotics to foster a healthy skin microbiome to calm skin irritation and keep skin calm. Ceramide NP also boosts the ceramide levels in the skin barrier, actually stimulating the skin into believing it’s healthy and building itself up the way a strong skin barrier does. St. John’s Wort and a blend of skin nourishing natural oils and sunflower boost the skin’s nutrient levels while helping to calm and hydrate.

More information and a complete ingredients list is available on the product’s webpage.

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