Why Should You Choose Waxing Over Shaving – Suggests Nail Queen By Michelle Tran, The 2022 ThreeBestRated® Award Winner For Best Nail Salons

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Orchard Road, Singapore (PRUnderground) September 15th, 2022

Beauty is always a concern, Especially for women. Grooming is an unavoidable part of life as it helps you to represent yourself to others. It plays a major role in your impression. Considering hair removal, Shaving is a traditional practice. Waxing on the other hand has been in practice in recent times. Many people hesitate to opt for waxing for various reasons due to myths revolving around waxing. People must be clearly explained about the post p[ositive effects of waxing. For this reason, The 2022 ThreeBestRated® award winner Nail Queen by Michelle takes time to explain some advantages of waxing over shaving. They are as follows,

Lasts Longer

Shaving only removes the hair on the surface of the skin which leads to regrowth of hair quickly. It lasts only for 2–3 days. On the other hand, Waxing removes hair from its root and ensures very minimal hair growth with results lasting for 3–4 weeks in time. It also has a very smooth and satisfying finish which is not expectable from the process of shaving. The hair growing after waxing will be softer and thinner whereas shaving leads to extra and thick growth of hair. Waxing is more advantageous considering the busy schedule of any individual.

Fast & Convenient

Waxing is comparatively a quicker and hassle-free process than the irritating process of shaving yourself in awkward positions. Even though waxing could be hurting for the very first time, It becomes more convenient in the eventual practice. Shaving will make you cheesed off as it often leads to nicks & cuts that can even cause scarring, especially when your skin is highly sensitive.

Relief From Rashes & Itching

Shaving not only removes hair but also peels off skin cells which leads to the attraction of bacteria that causes itches and sometimes rashes too according to the sensitivity of the skin contrarily waxing has a super smooth finish and evenness on the surface of the skin which nulls the possibilities of having itches and rashes.

Exfoliation Of Skin

Skin is a soft & sensitive medium, it could be easily affected by dryness due to dead skin cells. Waxing automatically exfoliates the dead remains along with the hair removal. Hence skin becomes fresh, radiant & clean however shaving only removes the visible hair which leads to discomfort immediately after the process.

Side effects have been a concern for waxing in common people, But the reality is that both processes have their own side effects. Either of them is not harmful, Only concern is that it should be practised properly. Comparatively, waxing has many advantages over traditional shaving. Nail Queen is a prominent beauty salon around Singapore to have felicitated with the 2022 ThreeBestRated® award-winning salon in Singapore for the variety of cosmetic services they offer. They are always open for queries, Please do contact for any clarifications at – info@nailqueenfep.com

About Nail Queen By Michelle Tran

Nail Queen established recently in 2017 by Michelle Tran is a full-fledged nail and beauty salon located in Orchard Road, Singapore. Tha salon is exotic and loaded with all the latest equipment to bring out the best in the looks of the clients that sculpted an inevitable place for them as the top-rated salons in the town. The 2022 ThreeBestRated® award for the best salon in Singapore stands as proof for the fact as their expert team always conducts 50 point-inspection to finalise the candidate considering all the possible aspects from experience to ratings. The staff of the spa are professional in service & very friendly with their customers giving concern to their suggestions. This is an all-in-one place for your grooming as they cater to every client’s unique style and individual needs and the designs are updated on a regular basis to keep you in trend. Bridal & festive designs available here are very peculiar and handpicked in design.

They are specialised in waxing, express and classic manicure/pedicure, gelish, shellac manicure and pedicure, acrylic overlay and infill, gel extension, soak off & nail art.

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