With the Market in Flux, High Return Real Estate Offers Lower-risk Investments with Suburban Rental Properties

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Indianapolis-based High Return Real Estate helps provide turnkey real estate investment in seven U.S. markets. With the pandemic unsettling the financial forecast, High Return is opening up more suburban investment opportunities for stable, long-term profitability.

Indianapolis, IN (PRUnderground) July 13th, 2021

High Return Real Estate, LLC helps investors achieve powerful streams of passive income through real estate investments. While many investment firms focus on low-priced, urban properties because of the price-to-rent ratios, High Return is opening up more suburban investment opportunities to create more stability for their investors.

“If price-to-rent ratios are the main metric that an investor uses to make a buying decision, they are doing themselves a disservice. There is much more to consider for a property to be a solid performer over the long term,” said Jeff Schechter, CEO and Co-founder of High Return Real Estate.

While the initial investment in suburban properties may be a stretch for some investors, Schechter said that the payoffs are far greater over time in the form of higher rents, lower vacancy rates, and less wear and tear on properties.

High Return Real Estate is connecting their clients with suburban properties that are not available through traditional channels. They offer properties in seven different markets, including the greater Indianapolis, Memphis, and St. Louis areas. Then, they make hassle-free, remote real estate investing possible by shouldering the weight of property acquisition, repairs, remodeling, and rehabbing. That, along with partnering with the best management in each market, allows investors to enjoy hassle-free income, and very solid long-term investments.

Schechter said that real estate has outperformed the stock market 2:1 since 2000 and that with the market in flux due to the pandemic, he sees a greater need than ever for investments with a dependable track record.

“We’re moving toward a very uncertain future economically as a nation, which makes our suburban investment opportunities more important than ever. These are extremely stable investments that have proven to build wealth reliably over many years,” said Schechter.

In addition to providing low-risk, low-hassle investment opportunities, High Return provides their investors with an unparalleled investor education program known as CashFlow+. It provides investors with personalized mentoring from tax strategists, debt specialists, and cash flow consultants to ensure that investors are leveraging the full spectrum of their assets for wealth building.

As Schechter and Co-Founder Jack Gibson lead their clients into the suburban investing space, they have years of experience on their side. They have acquired over 100 rental investments that are yielding cash flow at roughly three times the national average.

“Decades of experience in real estate investment have shown us that low-cost, urban rental properties invite more difficulty collecting rent, higher turnover, and higher vacancy rates, but suburban properties bring the opposite. It’s one of the best investment spaces to be in right now, and we’re excited to be part of it,” said Schechter, who has been a leader in property investment for over 40 years.

The High Return team has been featured on Forbes, NBC News, and Google News Lab. To learn more about High Return Real Estate or its suburban real estate investment opportunities, visit www.HighReturnRealEstate.com or call (317) 588-2929.

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High Return Real Estate provides a straightforward way to accelerate real wealth with real property. Known for their strategic turnkey real estate investing, the company aims to produce some of the highest returns in the real estate investing arena.

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