Work Smart Hypnosis Launches Course to Help Hypnotists Become Certifying Instructors

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Work Smart Hypnosis helps hypnotists become more effective and profitable. They are now helping to launch a six-week virtual course that will equip hypnotists to certify others to excel in the profession.

Orlando, FL (PRUnderground) October 17th, 2022

Hypnotists who want to be more successful in their craft-or grow their business-turn to Work Smart Hypnosis for mentoring. And now, they turn to Work Smart to learn how to teach other hypnotists how to improve their skills as well. The company is partnering with the ICBCH (International Certification Board of Coaches and Hypnotists) to offer an online course that will help practicing hypnotists become certified hypnosis instructors.

In the six-week “train the trainer” course, professional hypnotists will learn the core competencies for teaching people how to become successful hypnotists. They will learn how to use multi-media tools to create engaging, customized courses. They will also gain full support from ICBCH, including access to a thriving support community, cutting edge resources for crafting their courses, and professional liability insurance.

“We are way beyond asking whether hypnosis works,” said Jason Linett, CEO Of Work Smart Hypnosis and Trainer Qualification Program Leader for the ICBCH. “There is a robust body of scientific evidence supporting its ability to help people overcome anxiety and addiction. The challenge is getting enough people trained in hypnosis to help all those who need it. That is what we are hoping to accomplish through this course.”

The course, which is fully online, will run from November 14 through December 19. Linett will teach the course alongside Dr. Richard Nongard, founder of the ICBCH, who is an internationally renowned hypnotist and licensed marriage and family therapist. Linett and Nongard are among the most successful creators of consistently high-quality training programs in the field of hypnotism.

It is not a rigid, one-size-fits-all course, but one that empowers professional hypnotists to create their own in-person, online, or hybrid hypnosis classes based on their experiences and areas of specialty. Graduates will gain ICBCH certifications and will be able to credential aspiring hypnotists as well.

“We’re very excited to debut this course and help our fellow hypnotists build successful training businesses,” said Linett. “Demand for this type of training is very high right now, and we want to help more people succeed in helping others through hypnotism.”

The course is limited to 36 participants and is expected to sell out quickly. For more information, visit

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Work Smart Hypnosis aims to improve the field of hypnotism by helping practitioners become more effective and profitable. They offer professional hypnotist certifications and help hypnotists scale their businesses.

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