Workpuls Enables Large Enterprises to Successfully Monitor Employees Working From Home During the Pandemic

Industry: Human Resources

Workpuls’ enterprise-grade software keeps staff accountable and productive to stay nimble in the current business environment.

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) July 15th, 2020

The pandemic has forced companies to make significant operational changes – all in the hopes of surviving the economic downturn and maintaining as much normalcy as possible. That predominantly entailed having employees working from home instead of the office.

Understandably, some companies were successful in shifting their operations online, while others met numerous issues in doing so.

The reason – they don’t know how to monitor employees working from home properly.

Now more than ever, it’s important to maintain accountability and transparency in the workplace for the sake of the entire company and all its employees. However, that’s been made difficult for the managers because now they don’t have their team members in the direct line of sight, especially in large enterprises.

Furthermore, not only are people forced to work from home for health reasons, but the constant stress, fear, and familial distractions have impacted their productivity levels.

This is precisely why companies have reached for tools like Workpuls – to provide a capable means of remote work monitoring.

“More than just a simple time tracker, Workpuls is workforce productivity and analytics software that provides intricate data easily applicable to optimizing business models in a variety of industries,” states Ivan Petrovic, CEO of Workpuls.

“Workpuls is an easy-to-use tool for enterprise-grade organizational oversight as it provides knowledge of what employees are doing during working hours, what issues they are facing, and how to help resolve them. The size of the company is of no issue – Workpuls’ scalable solutions cater to both large enterprises and small businesses.”

This remote worker monitoring software provides information about the level of employee productivity in regard to the nature of their work duties, helps managers identify bottlenecks in company processes, and gives insights into possible solutions.

“Now more than ever, companies are looking for ways to stabilize their operations and stay afloat while the world faces recession. Knowing the issues the employees are facing and how they affect the company bottom line makes Workpuls an indispensable business asset,” tells Petrovic.

In this sense, finding the right way to monitor employees working from home without invading their privacy and breaking their trust directly translates into increased productivity and the company ultimately weathering the storm safely with Workpuls as an essential part of the process.

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About Workpuls

Workpuls is a workforce productivity and analytics solution that helps organizations drive productivity, benchmark performance and improve efficiency.

Through immediate visibility and valuable insights, major companies like Office Depot, Grammarly and Farmers Insurance depend on Workpuls to understand how their teams work and build better working environments.

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