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World Citizens-Participating Cultural Diplomacy in Event Co-Hosted by HWPL

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International conference for peace development held in Bucharest, Romania

New York, NY (PRUnderground) April 10th, 2019

In Bucharest, Romania discussions for peace and security of the international community were conducted last week at a two-day peace conference. It was hosted by the Institute of Advanced Studies on Levant Culture and Civilization (ISACCL) in cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Romania, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), Center for BBS, University of Bucharest, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA), Romanian Foundation for Democracy – FRD, and Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Global Ethics.

The inaugural session was held at Plenary Hall of the Romanian Senate. The conference was titled, “The Role of Cultural Diplomacy in Approaching the Protracted Conflicts: Culture of Peace through Understanding the Other.”

The event included six sessions which discussed topics related to interreligious dialogue as instruments of cultural diplomacy, the Western Balkans, Sixth Baltic-Black Sea Forum, reconciliation and peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula – Levant Initiative for Global Peace; and perspectives of cultural diplomacy in conflict areas.

Chairman ManHee Lee of HWPL said, “If we cannot understand the significance in religious scripture that contains the essence of religion, religions will not serve as a good example of virtue to humanity. The first duty as a religious leader is to understand the true meaning of religion. That is why religious leaders should gather in the interfaith dialogue meeting, the WARP Office, to discuss based on the religious scriptures.” The WARP Offices which are active in 128 countries strengthen communication among religious leaders.

Imam Amir Aziz from Islam of Ahmadiyya-Moschee in Wilmersdorf, Berlin stated in his speech that the WARP Office is “a phenomenal instrument as a new approach to peace building by religion.” “The religious scripture comparison held in WARP Office is an unprecedented type of discussion based on the standard of a trustworthy scripture. And I am convinced that it will unite us as one,” he added.

On 2 April, a forum for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula was held in the Royal Palace of Bucharest. The participants discussed the peaceful measure for inter-Korean reconciliation by expanding the support and cooperation from the international community.

Mr. Nicolai Sprekels, President of Saram, a human rights organization for North Koreans, stated, “Peace that requires a sacrifice of humanity is only assumed as half peace. Peace doesn’t only refer to the unarmed state, but it is perfectly accomplished when it is consistently kept. Currently, the situation of North Korean human rights is getting worse. As an NGO in Europe, we will keep supporting the unification between the two Koreas.”

Finally, at the Peace Education Conference Mr. Dragomir Marian, President of Master Peace, presented a progress report of the peace education introduced by HWPL, “Through Peace Education over 5 terms, we have educated children how to prevent and resolve conflicts and violence. Peace exists in the context of family, fellow groups, and societies. Through education, we have realized that teaching the principles of peace in the early stage of life can transform the youth to embrace peace.”

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