Yaan-Xinkuang.com Capital Raising Demonstrates High Level of Investor Interest

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The company received significant support from domestic as well as international investors

Sichuan, China (PRUnderground) October 26th, 2022

Yaan Xinkuang, a Chinese mineral development company that focuses on critical metals and minerals having increasing demand in modern technologies and which is currently in the advanced stages of development, is pleased to announce that it has obtained firm commitments to raise funds from institutional, sophisticated, and professional investors. The funding will be applied to expedite the development of the Lushan rare earths project.

The capital raise drew substantial support from worldwide institutional investors, underscoring the Lushan Project’s importance. In particular, Yaan Xinkuang has been actively involved in the development of one of China’s most significant and advanced new rare earth projects.

In order to raise more capital, the company plans to make a non-underwritten Share Purchase Plan offer to current qualified shareholders. When it comes to deciding whether or not to accept applications, the company has complete discretion in whole or part. The Share Purchase Plan can rise more or less capital than expected. If the offer is over-subscribed, the Board may decide to scale back the offer. Significantly, in the Share Purchase Plan with the highest acceptability score, participation is optional.

Strong project economics and strong rare earths demand drive capital raising. The Lushan Project is unique with respect to scale and favorable metallurgy. Significantly, it has a large, low-cost output of all critical magnet rare earths (Nd, Tb, Pr, Dy). The Project has well-positioned China to be a cornerstone to future international rare earth supply.

Welcoming new investors both internationally and domestically, Yaan Xinkuang’s Vice General Manager, Huang Lao-Tzu, stated: “The Lushan Project’s booming profile is reflected in the great amount of assistance it has received in capital raising from international investors. Meanwhile, it is a vote of confidence in the company’s growth strategy.”

The capital raise follows the achievement of key permitting milestones. It will help accelerate all pre-development work programs at a critical moment when rare earths demand is expected to skyrocket in the future years, providing an ideal development opportunity.

Yaan-Xinkuang.com was founded as an ethical and environmentally responsible mineral development company and is now one of China’s leading rare earth material producers. The rare earth elements produced by Yaan Xinkuang are employed in a variety of high-tech and future-oriented applications, including electronics, wind turbines, and hybrid and electric automobiles, among others. Yaan Xinkuang stands out among rare earth manufacturers by providing items that can be traced from the mine to the finished product.

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